how to apply dark wax to chalk paint

You can apply wax right away. Why sealing it first? I would be happiest to use a chalk paint base coat (dusty red or gray) over the existing frames, then uses the Gold oil paint then oil based wax. Good luck! In other words, dark wax adds depth and visual interest to a piece. I'm so glad you're here! Holiday parties are part of the magic of the season, but the cleanup is a pain—especially when furniture is involved. Allow the chalk paint to dry before applying the wax. Prevent disasters with a few tips on how to protect your furniture during holiday parties. The chalk paint will soak up the pigment of the dark wax, making it very hard to get it back off if you apply too much. Also, if you apply clear wax on top of your dark wax, the second will remove the first. The top piece is just distressed with some clear wax and the bottom is painted the same color and then dark waxed. I am having a custom built-in hutch made for my dining room. The dark wax adds dimension and age. STEP 3- CREATING A COLOR WASH WITH CHALK PAINT. I previously wrote a post about how to make chalk paint at home – click here to read it. Yes, like chalk paint, there are many different options out there to seal and protect your labor of love. Once chalk paint has been painted onto the surface of a piece of furniture, the resulting coat of paint feels a lot like chalk. And don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @grillodesigns, by Patricia for Grillo Designs can be found. Clear wax will allow the paint color to remain close to the original. When you apply the dark wax you use clear wax to remove any excess dark wax and blend the dark wax to your liking. You can use a cheap brush or a wax brush to apply the wax. Jul 10, 2013 - There is a little trick to applying dark wax over chalk paint when painting furniture. Let the chalk paint dry again – 30 min to 45 should be good. The application of a wax will help seal your chalk paint. Accessories (Brushes, rollers, tarps and more). Dark wax on carved details – click here to read my full tutorial for this. Buffing works the wax into the chalk paint, and also gives the piece a beautiful sheen. Step 2- Paint base color How much wax you remove is up to you. Apply a layer of wax to seal and protect all the beautifully painted furniture you just spent time on. Luckily, chalk paint can cover any furniture surface without stripping it of its classic wooden good looks. A mouthful huh? I have a coffee table I am trying to revamp and I didn’t know that under the layers of nasty black paint it was actually wood laminate instead of solid wood. What's your furniture style? It leaves the surface soft as a baby’s bottom. Get the information you need to get the job done right. This is probably a dumb question, but can you use wax on wood laminate? Annie Sloan also carries dark wax, but I personally love the clear because it’s super easy to use once you get the hang of it. Waverly Chalk Paint White With Dark Wax. Use a second cloth to remove the wax from any areas that seem too dark. SOrry can you give some more details? How to Use Chalk Paint Wax + Tips on Distressing. hola me gustaria mucho estar en contacto c vos , soy principiante total en esto, pero tengo coraje pinto y hago arreglos en casa mi situacion economica no es elevada, gracias por de argentina ,chubut. If you have any other queries, take a look at our article all about painting furniture for beginners . There’s a lot to color theory and what each of the colors mean. Don’t forget to follow me on social media to see all my projects. Apply wax traditionally. When everything’s dry, get your clear wax and go over all the areas. Since this is the traditional way of waxing your furnishing, you can expect for it to be time-consuming. *TIP: If the Clear Wax has dried before you can work in … Work in sections because the dark wax will dry before you can coat the entire piece. Next, using a brush take a small amount of the Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax in Dark and lightly brush the wax over the details, carvings and into corners. I use wax for pieces that won’t get much traffic. Wipe on, wait to dry, then buff with clean rag. To seal your chalk paint project, you need to either wax or polyurethane it. I’m glad you found it helpful. On the heels of my alternative to chalk paint post re: my beloved mineral paint, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a quick blurb about the icing on the painted furniture cake – paste wax.. Hopefully the mineral spirits works for removing. Remove more if you want just a subtle antique look, such in this chair, or leave most of it if you want it to look beautifully old. Both their clear and dark wax are already deliciously soft and easy to work with. You can test it on the interior of your doors first until you decide how much dark wax looks good to your taste. When using A.S. dark wax, I usually pre-mix it with a soft clear wax to make it more workable. Annie Sloan wax is meant to give an extra sheen to furniture that has already been painted with chalk paint. Wait for paint to dry completely. Please check out my video below for a more in depth look! DARK WAX. You can also use dark wax to enhance raised details on certain pieces. All posts contributed by Patricia for Grillo Designs can be found HERE. I decided to use a blend of 2 parts Country Grey and 1 part French Linen. I found your article very helpful and am ready to try it myself. You can paint kitchen cabinets with chalk paint. Minwax Furniture sealing wax; Step 1- Prep/Clean. One of the wonderful things about good wood furniture is that it doesn’t have to be merely functional. Thanks for gathering them all in one spot. Last, use the dark wax on your chalk paint. Follow manufacturer's directions. Using wax brushes to apply all waxes ensures we don't apply too much or unevenly, and also prevents as much wasting of wax as possible. 45 Excellent Craft Chalk Paint Folkart Home Decor 8. Dip a clean rag into the clear wax and then use the rag to remove the dark wax from the piece. Not shiny. Lebanon: 294 Beverly Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15215. Annie Sloan chalk paint is mainly for girls – but boys can use it too! I was able to buy mini 4oz. Make sure you remove loose bristles before using it. The white wax settled into all the details and I highlighted the edges here and there using a small paint brush. Make sure you remove loose bristles before using it. I hope this answer your question. The application of a wax will help seal your chalk paint. However, I bought one from Michaels instead because it was cheaper. Would it be a good idea to use raw umber artists oil paint to tint the Minwax darker? I also use Annie Sloan dark wax with a few drops of mineral spirits to make it softer. I mean a full coat, not just a thin coat of clear wax. You can always lightly sand some of the grey off if you apply to much paint. For me, vaseline is cheaper so that’s usually what I go with! Paint then wax. Your email address will not be published. Rub the wax into the paint with a soft, clean cloth and then buff the wax. Join over 10,000 fans and get our DIY posts in your inbox every week! Apply Wax: Then the next step is to apply a thin coat of the clear wax on the furniture. But adding clear wax first or mixing clear in with your dark will help you remove the extra dark wax if necessary. Let’s dive in and help you decide what’s best for your next piece. If wanting to distress, make sure you do it where usage would naturally show, such as handles and corners. Hi Cathy, So if you’ve got an old table, desk or other piece of wood furniture that needs jazzed up, why don’t you consider using some of our great stains to try one of these ideas. The right colors can really set the mood in a room, or on an outfit. One of the best kinds of sealant is a buffed up wax. You can also use clear wax with these steps. Apply steady pressure to rub the wax into the chalk paint with the brush. Dark wax will bring out the curves, accents and imperfections of the piece itself. They make us feel, they help us express how we feel. Now it is time to chalk paint the rest of your piece, leaving the top that you just … If that doesn’t work, you can wait until the dark wax has dried and repaint. The material required for applying the dark wax over chalk paint includes bristle wax brush, dark wax, clear wax, and rags. Before it dried, I used another stiff brush to apply a coat of Dark wax to the entire piece and quickly rubbed off excess using a lint-free rag. I also like the look the dark wax gives the paint. Now start brushing on in layers to get the look you want. Or apply dark wax with a brush and then brush on clear wax to create interesting distressed protective finishes. Fusion doesn’t require sealing with wax, but sometimes you want to add a little more sheen or color. Patricia. Note that you have a choice between regular wax and dark wax. Slipping into the cracks and crevices of any piece of furniture, dark wax highlights all the details and carvings, scratches and grooves. The wax should be applied in the circular motion. After painting and sealing your piece, wait until it is completely dry before applying dark wax. I experimented with the finishes and applied the Waverly varnish over the dark waxed finish. I use Waverly chalk paint, wax, and varnish. My favorite is American Paint Company dark wax. Wild and wacky? Use your cloth to wipe away any unwanted wax to achieve the look you want. Or can I go right to the wax? Good luck! No matter what brand you choose, my only recommendation is to look for a very soft one. Thanks Mary! But adding clear wax first or mixing clear in with your dark will help you remove the extra dark wax if necessary. 2. I have an old solid cherry bedroom set that is a reddish stain and glossy finish. The 2010s saw an uptick in modern interiors, bringing in clean lines to decor and furniture, so what does the new decade have in store? The steps for applying the dark wax over chalk paint are given below: Dip The Brush: The first step is to dip the bristle brush into the clear wax. Here are some other examples of how to use dark wax on your painted pieces. Can i use the clear wax as the “sealer”, followed immediately with the dark wax or do i need to seal it with a traditional sealer before i use the clear and dark wax to antique it? One of the tricks I have learned using the soft clear/dark wax is to apply it with a soft cotton rag, let it set for about 15-20 minutes, and then come back and buff it out with a 000 or 0000 fine steel wool. use clear wax first all over the piece, then with a brush or cloth rub the dark on, wiping excess off (or pushing the dark into crevices and corners) if too much, use more of the clear to remove some dark. Apply a layer of clear wax. Happy Friday! Depending on the sealer you used, drying time may vary between 2 to 12 hours. Continue spreading the wax until the brush gets dry and you’ve run out of product. Aim for even coverage when using your chalk paint. You can use a rag, but I use a paint brush so I can get wax in all the details. I have many painting tips on my blog! Have you ever applied wax to stained furniture? After applying two coats I let it fully dry overnight. So I made some by mixing Feed and Wax with a paint tint. To paint fabric with chalk paint, do the same steps as before only water down the paintt. I painted a wood piece with a semi-gloss latex paint. One of the simplest and most beautiful ways to give an antique look to a piece of painted furniture is by applying dark wax. I have two beautiful matching pictures with gold shiny frames that I would love to update how can I paint them a brown color without just spray painting them. Only the very ends of your brush should have wax. In this step, I used another stiff brush to first apply a coat of Clear wax to the entire piece. Depending on the color choice and the technique you are using, simply apply 1 or 2 coats of the product to a clean, dust-free surface (may be lightly sanded) and seal it with Clear Wax. Another excellent product is Antiquing Wax by American Paint Company. in the case of Clear and White Waxes, are applied directly to the painted surface. Hi, is it possible to use the dark wax to antique wood kitchen cabinets? Apply one to two coats with a wax brush. This is a must read for using wax! Today’s contributor is Patricia from The Wood Spa and she is a sharing a tutorial on how to use dark wax to age furniture. Dark wax makes its appearance on shabby-chic furniture pieces across the country. To do this, just dip the tip of your brush into the paint and then dab it off so the brush is fairly dry. Have we officially met? You’ll have more control over the dark wax if you do this. 2. Dark wax will absorb into the chalk paint and can immedately tint your painted finish darker than you might desire. It was very successful. FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Furniture & Craft Paint – Best Sealant Wax for Chalk Paint. You can use a cheap brush or a wax brush to apply the wax. Dip your dark wax brush lightly into the dark wax. This St. Patrick’s Day we thought it’d be fun to explore a little about green. Apply with a soft, lint-free cloth, and lightly rub the wax into the painted piece. I’m pinning this one! Thanks for reading and feel free to ask me questions in the comments area below! For my wash I mixed 1-part paint to 2-parts water. While the Clear Wax is still wet, apply Dark Chalk Paint® Wax with a Chalk Paint® Wax Brush, working in small areas at a time. Below, we will show you a few step by step instructions to help you complete your next paint project. WATCH MY VIDEO to check out how I used dark wax on this chair and cedar chest. Wax dries fast, so work on one small area at a time. Without a coat of clear wax, the dark stain will absorb right into the paint and you’ll have very little control over how dark it ends up. If applying the Dark Wax straight over Chalk Paint – will darken it more since the Dark Wax stains the paint when no clear wax layer has been applied. Trust me. in the case of the Dark and Black waxes, are applied over a wiped-back layer of Clear Wax (so you can control their depth)- the exception to the rule can be over Graphite since it's such a dark color to begin with. We’ve talked about style differences, but what about how it’s made and what it’s made of? I applied the wax full strength and you can see how it dramatically changes the color, especially on whites/creams. My hope of staining it are gone, but I am wondering if I can antique it with a dark wax or if I will have to just paint it first……whatcha think? Yes Laura, you can apply dark wax to your cabinets. There are several brands of wax and, more recently, companies have started offering waxes in a great variety of colors besides the traditional clear and dark. Featuring a … Waverly Chalk Paint And Wax Easy Craft Ideas. Steps To Apply Dark Wax Over Chalk Paint Chalk paint is one of the best paints that sticks quickly on the surface of the furniture. It will get darker and a little harder to remove It, if you decide to. If you do happen to pick up a copy (which of course I would truly appreciate), please leave me a review! After using chalk paint, however, it’s important to use wax to complete the look by adding luster. The table looks good at any rate. I use both the soft AS Clear Wax and the AS Dark Wax. Even though I use chalk paint, which adheres to pretty much any surface, I still like to lightly sand everything to help it along, just in case. Hi Michelle, you can seal with polycrylic or clear wax. Not highly polished. cheap brush or a wax brush to apply the wax, click here to read my full tutorial for this. Mini jars of Annie Sloan Country Grey and French Linen Chalk Paint, Dark Soft Wax, and wax brush We’ve seen some amazing pieces made with wood stains that are more than just furniture, they’re works of art. Either way, the clear wax acts as a buffer and gives you more control over how dark your piece ends up. Im a little confused as to what you mean? I turned it into chalk paint using my favorite chalk paint recipe, which you can find here. You should definitely apply wax to protect the paint AND some experts recommend applying two coats of wax to the doors to help prevent scratching. Oops, there was an error sending your message. White becomes beige, gray becomes slightly brown, blue takes on a gray tint. Not a dumb question! For Best Results: Take the time to properly prepare the surface you plan to paint. Wax is the last step. Colors are so fascinating. The holiday season has arrived, and soon every corner will be decked out in red and green. The chalk paint will soak up the pigment of the dark wax, making it very hard to get it back off if you apply too much. Use the clear wax as an eraser if too much dark wax was added. Remove excess with a second lint-free cloth. I hope this was helpful. Why You Should Only Use Chalk Paint To Furniture In My. Thank you! You don’t need to strip anything off your furniture, which includes old paint or old … Restyle your home for the new year with the latest trends. One of the best kinds of sealant is a buffed up wax. I still have a jar of the mix, but it doesn’t smell as good as the ones I make now. To protect this coat of paint, furniture refinishers apply soft, clear wax over the entire piece. Jun 27, 2013 - There is a little trick to applying dark wax over chalk paint when painting furniture. There are several brands of wax and, more recently, companies have started offering waxes in a great variety of colors besides the traditional clear and dark. Dark wax will absorb into the chalk paint and can immedately tint your painted finish darker than you might desire. I always apply a coat of clear wax first. Adrienn, I normally use Minwax Polycrylic but you can also seal your piece with clear wax, then apply dark wax. Start by applying the clear wax on the surface and wait for it to dry off. Add Clear and Dark Wax. If you apply dark wax with no clear wax first it is very difficult to get any excess dark wax off. Just apply a little clear wax over the dark wax and wipe it with a clean rag. It’s matte and very porous. Good luck! I hope this helps. Apply dark wax. Now it was time for the fun part- color washing! Chalk Style Paint is a fun, easy way to add age and character to any surface. It’s a thrill for our industry to learn what the latest “in” colors will be each year, and they never disappoint. You can also mix your dark wax 50/ 50 with clear wax so you don't overdo it. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience – please see full disclosure here. How to use chalk paint wax + tips on distressing: Don’t need to prep or sand unless surface is uneven. Any help would be appreciated. Then add either Aubusson Blue or Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint™ to it and incorporate well. With a chip brush, apply clear wax first, then immediately apply dark wax, and wipe off the excess. Massage in the direction of the grain to thoroughly coat the furniture in wax. Now apply Dark Chalk Paint® Wax, rubbing every which way and pushing the Dark Wax into the brush marks and texture of the painted surface. I was hoping to apply dark wax to make it look a little darker and more “antique”. Water-based sealers and wax don’t mix so if, for example, you you apply polycrylic on your waxed piece, you will get a messy coat of both products that won’t dry and will come off on your hands and clothes. Use a separate brush for applying the wax to the painted surface. How To Chalk Paint Easy Diy Beginner Tutorial You. It’s crucial that before you apply the dark wax, you apply a full coat of CLEAR wax to your entire furniture piece.

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