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She continued her winning ways and is the top cc winning Swedish vallhund in the UK. We'll slowly load some pictures and stories of our pups in their new homes on this page. Lifestyle . BUT more importantly she is a wonderful companion in the home on the sofa and of course on the bed to Ada . When Your Swedish Vallhund Has Dog Food or Toy Aggression Tendencies 22. Swedish Vallhund puppies love a good friend and enjoy time spent with family. - Qualifying run in Herding Tested to finish her HT title! Originally used to work on Swedish farms as a herder and ratter, the breed has become a popular family companion dog due to its loyal and affectionate temperament. Their weight can vary significantly, but in general, these dogs weigh between 20 and 30 pounds. Swedish Elkhound Basics. A Swedish Vallhund should certainly have access to a securely fenced yard, but when the family is home, he should be in the house with them. In fact, this breed of dog was developed to hunt moose so they may share more than just their looks with wild wolves. Photo about Portrait of typical Swedish Vallhund running during an agility training. The Swedish Vallhund should do well on a high-quality ... Keep in mind that while this isn’t a breed intended to run all day, the Vallhund is a working farm dog and needs regular exercise. The Swedish Vallhund or Västgötaspets (Westerngothia Spitz Dog), as they call it in its native country, is a Spitz type herding dog that originated more than 1.000 years ago in the Västergötland county, Sweden.Like the Icelandic Sheepdog and the Norwegian Buhund, this dog was used by legendary Vikings for herding, watching and guarding.That is why it is often called a Viking Dog. A Swedish Vallhund jumping over triple stars and stripes bars in an agility competition. It can be completely normal or a sign of a health problem. I am over the moon with how our Griffy is turning out! If you're interested in adding a Swedish Vallhund Puppy to your family feel free to contact us to discuss. Exercise needs, daily. The breed is called Vastotaspets in its native land, which translates to “small Spitz of the West Goths”, a region found in the country. The breed can be reserved with strangers. Purchasing a Swedish Vallhund from a breeder costs around $2500 dollars. How to Stop Your Swedish Vallhund from Running Away or Bolting Out the Door 18. Living with Swedish Vallhund. Breed Rescue 1. The gene pool is small in Australia, which may lead to some difficulties due to poor breeding practices. Thus, it makes for a great watchdog. Share this Breed  Instagram. Moderate. The name also means “shepherd” or “herding” dog. 11. Thought to date back some 800 - 900 years there is believed to be a possible connection between the breed today and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi . If you do not have a backyard, you still do need to make sure your pup gets enough mental and physical stimulation. It is an active dog inside the home and fit for the house without yard. Other websites. The Swedish Vallhund originated from Sweden in 800 AD. Swedish Vallhund Appearance. The Swedish Vallhund is an intelligent, energetic dog and one that needs to be given the right amount of mental stimulation and daily exercise to be truly happy. Health and lifespan. Energy level. Swedish Vallhund Keeps Running Away is often a problematic issue, yet it’s not at all difficult once you learn information on how to do this in the correct way. They were likely also known as Vikingarnas dog. As Swedish Vallhunds mature into adulthood, be sure to keep clear who the pack leader is. Both of them are willing to please though Swedish Vallhund is a bit stubborn. However, caution is advised around smaller pets such as cats, rabbits, rats etc. - Award of Merit at SVCA Regional Specialty - Received her plaque for achieving her Versatile Swedish Vallhund (level 1) Thank you Ivy Underdahl for mentoring me and allowing me to show this special boy. Moderately high. Cute swedish vallhund laying on the grass. Find a Puppy. I’d rate this at 6 bars out of 10. The Swedish Vallhund is an obedient and an active breed. How to Socialize Your Swedish Vallhund Puppy 20. The AKC registered them as members of the Herding Group. At present we have 3 breeding bitches … Comparable Breeds: Swedish Vallhund, Norwegian Elkhound; New Search. Of great importance to us is having dogs with a good temperament. Personality. A Swedish Vallhund should certainly have access to a securely fenced yard, but when the family is home, he should be in the house with them. as it has a natural hunting tendency. Name Location; Swedish Vallhund Society Welfare: National: Go. Swedish Vallhund FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) How much do Swedish Vallhunds cost to own? We have never tried to get a litter from Kassi for no other reason than she is so special how could she improve on her self? Select a name to view contact information. 686 likes. It is great with kids as well as other pets. Both of them are very friendly to the kids and other family members. Other Quick Facts: The Swedish Vallhund’s coat has harness markings, bands of light color running down the sides from the shoulders. Swedish Vallhund Breed Rescue. Historian Cliff Hubbard, a foremost authority on Welsh dogs, believed that if they are related breeds then the Swedish Vallhund would have preceded the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Simple companionship with its owners will suffice. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home The Blue Cross Dogs Trust Wood Green Animal Shelters Guide Dogs. The Swedish Vallhund’s exact origins are unclear, however, it is agreed that the breed originated from Sweden. How to Stop … It is important that your pup has the room to run and can unwind out in your backyard. We're proud to place beautiful Swedish Vallhund puppies in New Zealand & International homes. Some Helpful Tips for Raising Your Swedish Vallhund Puppy 19. Almost all dogs much like your Swedish Vallhund , can become properly trained. While the Swedish Vallhund is an active dog that enjoys exercise, it doesn’t require exhaustive running all the time. The Swedish Vallhund closely resembles the Pembroke Corgi. While the breed has relatively short legs, they are not as short as a Corgi’s. Also jogging on leash with you works well too. The word Vallhund, meaning herding dog, this breed as many talents such as a cattle drover, watchdog and rodent control. Located near Ongaonga in the heart of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, we are committed to breeding happy, healthy pups of a good breed standard. The breed was saved due to the energetic efforts of one or two dedicated people. How to Stop Your Swedish Vallhund Dog from Excessive Barking 21. The Swedish Vallhund is often referred to as a pup that is watchful, intelligent, and energetic. If you're disgusted by slobber spots on your clothes, the Swedish Vallhund could be a perfect choice for you. Swedish Vallhunds New Zealand. The Swedish Elkhound … Most of the people that have a Swedish Vallhund who would like a well trained pup that minds them, have the ability to make it happen. It can tolerate the hot climate because of its double coat. Also known as the Jämthund and Moosehound, the Swedish Elkhound has a wolf-like appearance with a long tapered snout and a dark gray-and-white body. Begin training early and utilize frequent praise. The Swedish Vallhund is the oldest dog breed many years ago it was originally bred for herding cattle in its native Sweden. The Swedish Vallhund dog can adapt for apartment living if it is provided with sufficient exercise. Temperaments. Swedish Vallhunds have an average lifespan of 11-15 years. Swedish Vallhund: a 2-year-old Swedish Vallhund called Maddie running free in field of growing wheat SWEDISH VALHUND. Though by 1942, their popularity had simply declined and the Viking-age Swedish Vallhund would have gone extinct were it not for the efforts of Bjorn Von Rosen … Drooling is the unintentional saliva flowing outside of the mouth. Torvall Swedish Vallhund Kennel is the oldest current Swedish Vallhund breeding kennel in New Zealand with over 12 years experience with the breed. Being a small, low to the ground dog the characteristic trait of herding was achieved by rounding and nipping at the hocks cattle. The Swedish Vallhund bears a strong resemblance to the Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgis, but genetically they do not appear to be all that closely related.A Swedish Vallhund’s tail may be long, stubby or bobbed. New Search Breed Standard Breed Clubs Other Dog Rescue Organisations. Grooming. But a small sized yard will keep the dog energetic and active as it likes to play and run all the time. Two long walks and a game of fetch will do it. They were the alert, eager, and brave dogs used to herd cows. www.vallarity.com Other Quick Facts: The Swedish Vallhund’s coat has harness markings, bands of light color running down the sides from the shoulders. Image of looking, collar, funny - 130131228 The Swedish Vallhund is known in its native land as ‘Vastgotaspets’, which means ‘Spitz of the Wezt Goths’, and has existed in the middle and southern parts of Sweden for over 1000 years, although by the 1950s, due to dramatic circumstances, the breed was nearing extinction. Bird Cat. Even if your puppy was one of several in the litter, take them to preschool. Always be positive with your Swedish Vallhund and keep training fun by tossing in delicious puppy treats and favorite doggy toys. The Swedish Vallhund is a dog breed with wolf-like appearance, which was thought to be developed by mixing Scandinavia Spittype dogs with short-legged Corgis of the British Isles. Swedish Vallhund Origin. The Swedish Vallhund was originally crossed with the native artic wolf and the domesticated dogs from the south, which included Corgis, breeding them for herding, hunting, herd protection and idyllic companionship. It is believed that the Swedish Vallhund may have been transported by the Vikings to Britain. It would be good because the Vallhund should have an off-leash area to play where she can’t run off after squirrels, rabbits or other small animals. Importantly this is also introducing your puppy to other dogs and lets them play appropriately with other dogs and develop bite inhibition. This will run you through the basics of teaching your Swedish Vallhund to walk on a lead, and simple come, sit, stay type commands. The Vallhund is a herding breed and may nip at children’s ankles as they run by. Description . Both dogs are also okay with other pets and strangers. We are a group of 4 Swedish Vallhund Breeders in New Zealand. Origin And History Of Swedish Vallhund. Download this stock image: Dog Swedish Vallhund vastgotaspets puppy running - D1KNNG from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. You will find that your new pup is a ball of energy that likes to explore and run around. What you should know about Fleas and Ticks 23. They are not the best choice for first time owners because they need to be trained and handled by people who are familiar with the needs of this type of hard working dog. The Swedish Vallhund is a perfect example for very low drooling tendency. 10. The Swedish Vallhund is a National Breed of Sweden. She hit the ring running and became a champion at a young age . Can't wait to see where the first Lavendel boy takes us! Swedish Vallhunds are very easy dogs to manage when it comes to grooming. The females run closely behind at 11-13 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing in the same range as the males. The Swedish Vallhund is an energetic, jolly, friendly and smart small-medium dog breed. We love hearing updates and seeing how our pups are growing. 15 to 17 years is the expected lifespan of a healthy dog. The Swedish Vallhund is a medium-sized dog, with males expected to reach about 13 inches at the withers and females about 12 inches. The Swedish Vallhund is a very ancient national dog breed of Sweden and dates back to the 8th/9th century. It is an agile dog with an innate ability to sound an alarm quickly.

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