pantheon fun facts

Here is a quick guide on some of the most important facts about the Pantheon. It sits on a hill called the Acropolis overlooking Athens. Paris History: Top Facts about The Panthéon April 6, 2017 10:00 am Discover amazing facts about the Panthéon, Paris’ architectural answer to ancient Rome. Pantheon Interior – Photo by David Merrett. Pantheon came from two Greek words “Pan” (which means “all”) and “Theos” (which translates into “gods”). 10 Interesting Facts About The Pantheon. 8 Interesting Pantheon Facts 1. When you break down the word “Pantheon”, you arrive at a beautiful meaning. Photo: Stock Photos from Sven Hansche/Shutterstock It’s dedicated to a Greek goddess. Pantheon Fun Facts & Architecture. So now you have learnt a brief history of the Pantheon, here is a recap including 10 Facts about the Pantheon (including one that will shock you!) Keep reading to find out 10 fascinating facts about the Parthenon. 37286. The Parthenon is dedicated to the patron saint of Athens—the goddess Athena. She was the goddess of wisdom, warfare, and courage. It is after all one of the most significant structures in the Rome and the whole world. As pantheon is one of the well-preserved buildings of Ancient Rome and an architectural masterpiece, so here we let you know these Pantheon interesting facts, which could help you to explore the pantheon history facts, therefore, let’s have a look at 30 fun and interesting facts about the Pantheon in Rome.. Pantheon History, Interesting Facts. The Pantheon boasts one of the best views over Paris (see below you can actually see the eiffel tower from the Pantheon) It is modelled after the Pantheon in Rome Marvelous Facts about the Pantheon. 10 It Has Served A Role In Various Religions. Interesting Parthenon Facts: The Parthenon is 45 feet tall, and its base is 228 feet by 101 feet. Despite receiving millions of tourists a year there are still many things that visitors don’t know about the art, architecture and history of the Pantheon, the Eternal City’s most stunning ancient temple.Here are 10 fascinating facts about one of Rome‘s best-loved monuments. October 5, 2017. Source: Link. Many people visit the ancient building but few know that much about it, other than it being ancient. However, Agrippa’s original Pantheon burned down in 80 AD and was followed by … The inscription indicates that the Pantheon was built by Marcus Agrippa at the time of his third consulate (27 BC). First built in 27 BC (and later rebuilt around 125 AD by the emperor Hadrian), the Pantheon in Rome is one of its oldest and best preserved buildings from antiquity. 1. Inspired Architectural Designers Worldwide. RELATED: Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Statue Of Liberty. Seeing the Pantheon in person is like a dream come true for so many travelers. The Greek goddess Athena was Athen's patron goddess. Pantheon Paris Facts. It’s not as old as it looks. Let's take a look at some of the most interesting facts about the Parthenon, the apex of Greek architecture. One of the most remarkable things about the Pantheon in Rome is that the inside dome is as high as it is wide, about 142 feet (43.3 m). The Parthenon is a symbol of Ancient Greece, originally created to be a temple to the pagan goddess Athena. The following are some very marvelous facts about the Pantheon in Rome: The Pantheon has an interesting meaning. 10 Unique Facts about the Pantheon you probably didn’t know Date 2014.09.13 by romecabs in Museums and Culture , Sightseeing Rome is so rich with magnificent and ancient monuments that it’s impossible to see everything on just one visit to the Eternal City. What is most interesting about the open ceiling however is that on 21 April, on the celebration of Rome's birthday, the midday sun shines through the oculus on to the Pantheon's door.

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