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We are excited to announce three new initiatives: the Global Alumni Speakers Series, Japan and the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Common Good Grant Project. The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, New York has an opening for an Associate Program Officer in Grassroots Exchange & Education and Japanese Studies Programs. Japan, JAPAN LOCATION, SIZE, AND EXTENT TOPOGRAPHY CLIMATE FLORA AND FAUNA ENVIRONMENT POPULATION MIGRATION ETHNIC GROUPS LANGUAGES RELIGIONS TRANSPORTATION… Koreans In Japan, ETHNONYMS: Chösenjin (North Koreans), Kankokujin (South Koreans) At present, there are 700,000 Koreans in Japan, three-fourths of whom were born in a… Relations With Japan, Japan, Relations with JAPAN… Important Message From The Japan Foundation, Toronto. Established by the Japanese government in 1972, the Japan Foundation’s mission is to promote international cultural exchange and mutual understanding between Japan and other nations. The New York office is looking to hire a highly skilled individual with a background in Japan. The Japan Foundation New York and Center for Global Partnership (CGP) | 962 followers on LinkedIn. *NEW* Special COVID-19 Relief Grant for Japanese Teaching Materials . Considering the current changing circumstances, with everyone’s safety in mind, The Japan Foundation, Toronto has decided to temporarily close … The Special COVID-19 Relief Grant for Japanese Teaching Materials provides special financial support of up to $1,000 for the purchasing of teaching materials as well as cultural items (origami, calligraphy supplies, etc.) The United States-Japan Foundation is committed to promoting stronger ties between Americans and Japanese by supporting projects that foster mutual knowledge and education, deepen understanding, create effective channels of communication, and address common concerns in an increasingly interdependent … The health, safety and well-being of our patrons, students, staff and volunteers are very important to us. for the purposes of Japanese-language … The Japan Foundat David Janes is Director of Foundation Grants and Assistant to the President at the United States-Japan Foundation, where he leads the Foundation’s multi-million dollar grant-making program and serves as the public face of the Foundation to potential and current grantees in the U.S. and Japan. The Japan Foundation is Japan's only institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programs throughout the world. The Japan Foundation (国際交流基金, Kokusai KōryÅ« Kikin) was established in 1972 by an Act of the National Diet as a special legal entity to undertake international dissemination of Japanese culture, and became an Independent Administrative Institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 1 October 2003 under the "Independent Administrative Institution Japan … JICUF has been exploring ways to continue supporting the ICU community in a drastically changed environment. JFF Plus is bringing the best of today’s Japanese cinema to you

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