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Appliances are sold with non-rewireable CEE 7/7 plugs attached. Il brevetto Sicury", Guide to electrical equipment for travellers, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=AC_power_plugs_and_sockets&oldid=996968816, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown, Articles with dead external links from June 2020, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2019, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from August 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2012, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. As with the type A plugs, the American and Japanese versions vary slightly. Most large domestic appliances were sold with the option to fit a flying earth tail to be locally earthed, but many consumers were unsure how to use this and so didn't connect it. Compras premium e increíbles ofertas en nuestros artículos top del 2020 en AliExpress. Type D plugs and Type M plugs have round shaped pins and are more commonly used with lighting circuits. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) maintains a guide with letter designations for generally compatible types of plugs,[11] which expands on earlier guides published by the United States Department of Commerce. The earth pin spacing corresponds to that of NEMA 5 and provides compatibility with prior hybrid three-pin sockets, which accept NEMA 1-15, NEMA 5-15 and Europlugs, all of which have been variably used in Thailand. [33] Both are symmetrical, allowing the line and neutral contacts to be inserted in either direction. BS 546, "Two-pole and earthing-pin plugs, socket-outlets and socket-outlet adaptors for AC (50-60 Hz) circuits up to 250V" describes four sizes of plug rated at 2 A, 5 A (Type D), 15 A (Type M) and 30 A. The NEMA 5-15 plug has two flat parallel blades like NEMA 1-15, and a ground (earth) pin. After the year 2016, only sockets type 13 with a recessed socket hole may be brought onto the market. The two standards were initially adopted because up to the second half of the 20th century in many regions of Italy electricity was supplied by means of two separate consumer connections – one for powering illumination and one for other purposes – and these generally operated at different voltages, typically 127 V single phase and 220 V single phase (from 3-phase 380 V) or two phase (from 220 V 3-phase). Using a plug or power cord that is inappropriate for the load may be a safety hazard. DC Power Cord; Design Level. Vimar brand claims to have patented this socket first in 1975[38] with their Bpresa model; however soon other brands started selling similar products, mostly naming them with the generic term presa bipasso (twin-gauge socket) that is now of common use. Plugs are non-interchangeable between current ratings. Mains plug and sockets are an essential part of connecting electrical equipment to a different power source in different countries. Type A: USA, Mexico, Canada and Japan Type B: USA, Mexico, Canada and Japan (Types A is compatible) Type C: Europe, South America and Asia Type D: India Type E: France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic (Types C,E and F are all cross-compatible) The standard dc barrel plug or jack has two conductors, one each for power and ground. [26] This was done because little[citation needed] electrical equipment sold to private users is equipped with a Danish plug. Selección top de 2020 Power Outlet Plug Types, Mejoras para el hogar, Productos electrónicos, Hogar y jardín, Teléfonos y telecomunicaciones y más de Power Outlet Plug Types. There are two versions: an older one with flat pins, and a newer one with round pins.[31]. Network engineers that work around the world are well aware of the many different plugs and sockets in use in data centers. Depending on the supply system, one or both current-carrying connections may have significant voltage to earth ground. Adapters between standards are not included in the standards, and as a result they have no formal quality criteria defined. Since the early 1990s earthed sockets have been required in all new electric installations in Denmark. This means that the uninsulated pins of a Chinese plug may become live while there is still a large enough gap between the faces of the plug and socket to allow a finger to touch the pin. Among the NEMA 5-15P plug are the most widely used in sockets. These sockets, including the CEE 7/1, CEE 7/3 (German/"Schuko"), CEE 7/5 (French), and most Israeli, Swiss, Danish and Italian sockets, were designed to accept pins of various diameters, mainly 4.8 mm, but also 4.0 mm and 4.5 mm, and are usually fed by final circuits with either 10 A or 16 A overcurrent protection devices.[24]. Power was supplied by the public 240 V DC mains which remained available in addition to the 240 V AC mains until circa 1969, and thereafter from in-house rectifiers. They are three-wire circuits (hot, neutral and ground), and are rated at 15 A at 250 V, although they usually carry 110 V. NEMA 5-15P to NEMA 5-15R power cord is the most common type. [62] The socket is closed by a safety lid (bearing the word ‘'Magic'’ on it) which can be opened only with an even pressure on its surface, thus preventing the insertion of objects (except the plug itself) inside the socket. Type A is a two-blade plug, polarized or unpolarized, and type B is a three-prong plug. The main difference comes from the way the plug is kept inside a piercing. There is more than one standard being used in the world. But the first-time experience in a foreign data center might be hard if you don’t know which power cord is used there. The line pin is on the left when looking at a socket with the earth pin offset down. Italian plugs and sockets are defined by the standard CEI 23-50 which superseded CEI 23-16. [citation needed] The few European countries not using it (or not using it predominantly) are Denmark, Switzerland, UK, Italy and Ireland. Thermoplastic plug is rated 6 A and 250 V. The Swiss standard, also used in Liechtenstein,[48] is SN 441011 (until 2019 SN SEV 1011) Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes. English: Countries of the world, coloured according to the main plug types in use. different types of and styles of plugs and wall outlets used in different parts of the world. Some countries do not have wiring regulations for single-phase electric stoves. Isolated power for medical instruments, tools used in wet conditions, or electric razors. CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (, Industrial and multiphase power plugs and sockets, International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC 60906-1 § Brazilian NBR 14136 standard, AC power plugs and sockets: British and related types, AC power plugs and sockets: British and related types § BS 4573 (UK shaver), National Electrical Manufacturers Association, National Electrical Contractors Association, Industrial and multiphase power plugs and sockets § Switzerland: SEV 1011, History of AC power plugs and sockets § Obsolete types, "Alert noting non-compliant power strips", "Sri Lanka Sets National Standard for Plugs and Socket Outlets", "Army Sustainment: The Three Most Common Electrical Safety Issues in Deployed Environments", ftp://ftp.cencenelec.eu/CENELEC/TCs/61/PlugsSockets.pdf, "Mains Plugs with Insulated Pins. Cigar Plugs. In modern installations in Italy (and in other countries where Type L plugs are used) it is usual to find sockets that can accept more than one standard. RS Components ensure there is a comprehensive range to suit your requirement. CEE 7/17 specifies an unearthed hybrid plug that will fit into both the CEE 7/3 and CEE 7/5 sockets. As part of China's commitment for entry into the WTO, the new CPCS (Compulsory Product Certification System) has been introduced, and compliant Chinese plugs have been awarded the CCC Mark by this system. Electrical outlets in North America and some parts of South America will accommodate the standard US AC power plugs, called the Type A and Type B plugs. This plug can be inserted into a Danish Type K socket, but the earth contact will not connect. Again, the three-phase power socket is compatible with single-phase plugs, either of 10 A or 16 A ratings:[50]. If you would like to use these images or save them for reference, ... Tripp Lite products and solutions power and connect the computers, networking equipment and electronic devices that form the foundation of our digital world. Type C; Type F; Voltage converters and transformers. Australian and New Zealand wall sockets almost always have switches on them for extra safety, as in the UK. SEV 1011 also defines a "Type 2x" series of 16 A plugs and sockets. Other frequently used power cord types that use NEMA 5-15 plug include NEMA 5-15P to C13 and NEMA 5-15P to C15. In Japan the voltage is 100 V, and the frequency is either 50 Hz (East Japan) or 60 Hz (West Japan) depending on whether the customer is located on the Osaka or Tokyo grid. This Australian/New Zealand standard is used in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea. Type… Shop a wide range of plug power stock at our online shop today! The distance between either of the two earthing clips and the middle of the imaginary line connecting the centres of the two power pins is 16 mm. The corresponding 6 A socket accepts the Europlug, but not others as the 4.5 mm holes are too small to accept the 4.8 mm pins of CEE 7/4, CEE 7/6 or CEE 7/7 plugs. There is no socket defined to accept only the Europlug. This plug type was designed in Germany after the First World War. Listed below are Plug and Outlet Types by category. The Japanese plug and socket appear physically identical to NEMA 1-15. Australia to UK Adaptor, AIEVE 2/3 Pin AUS China to 3 Pin UK Plug Adapter, Chinese to UK Travel Power Adaptor, UK Converter Plug for Type I Plug(White,3-Pack) 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. The Swiss standard was first described in SEV 1011 (ASE1011/1959 SW10A-R). The system of plug types using a single letter (from A to N) used here is from World Plugs , which defines the plug type letters in terms of a general description, without making reference to specific standards. The ground pin is longer than the line and neutral blades, so the device is grounded before the power is connected. Ungrounded NEMA-1 outlets are not permitted in new construction in the United States and Canada, but can still be found in older buildings. [54] The plug is similar to, but not interchangeable with, the Israeli SI32 plug. Before we proceed to talk about why there are different types of plugs and power outlets, and why all countries in t… Unlike the standard BS 1363 plugs found in the UK, the earth pin is on a horizontal axis and the live and neutral pins on a vertical axis. [12], In Europe, CENELEC publishes a list of approved plug and socket technical standards used in the member countries.[13]. Older sockets need not be earthed, but all sockets, including old installations, must be protected by earth-fault interrupters (HFI or HPFI in Danish) by 1 July 2008. [21] The plug has insulated sleeves on the pins. customer log in view cart check out site map. Some Type B plugs are made for a 20-amp circuit, and have an angled neutral blade. Some countries require child-proof socket shutters; the DIN 49440 standard does not have this requirement. For example, appliances may ensure that switches interrupt the line side of the circuit, or can connect the shell of a screw-base lampholder to neutral to reduce electric shock hazard. Europlugs are also in common use in Italy; they are standardized under CEI 23-34 S 1 for use with the 10 A socket and can be found fitted to Class II appliances with low current requirement (less than 2.5 A). The corresponding socket is recessed to prevent shocks. Use at 125 V is permitted by NBR 14136, which is against the intention of IEC 60906-1. The Schuko connection system is symmetrical and allows live and neutral to be reversed. [42], In stage lighting, this connector is sometimes known as PBG for Parallel Blade with Ground, Edison or Hubbell, the name of a common manufacturer.[43]. If you are not sure whether your electric devices work in other country or not, you can check in the plug & socket types list. Types A & B; Type C; Type D; Type E; Type F; Type G; Type H; Type I; Type J; Type K; Type L; Type M; Type N; Type O; Universal wall sockets; Plug, socket & voltage by country; World map showing the spread of plug types; History of domestic electricity. The pins are parallel and do not converge. The current Italian standards provide for sockets to have child-resistant shutters ("Sicury" patent).[37]. Power plug & outlet Types A & B. The letter system first appeared in such guides in 1967 (. It is very similar to type e plug, the only difference being that it has two earth clips on sides. It is rated at 16 A. The three phase variants of the standard are also described at Industrial and multiphase power plugs and sockets § Switzerland: SEV 1011. In Italy, the system was never definitively abandoned. Harvey Hubbell patented a parallel blade plug in 1913, where the blades were equal width (US patent 1064833[39]). The plug has two round pins measuring 4.8 by 19 mm (0.189 by 0.748 in), spaced 19 mm (0.748 in) apart and with an aperture for the socket's projecting earth pin. The standard is described in TIS 166-2549. Australia's standard plug/socket system was originally codified as standard C112 (floated provisionally in 1937, and adopted as a formal standard in 1938), which was superseded by AS 3112 in 1990. The plug and socket are rated 16 A 250 V AC and are intended for use only on systems having nominal voltages between 200 V and 250 V AC The plug pins are 4.5 mm in diameter, line and neutral are on centres 19 mm apart. The receptacle has a T-slot for the neutral blade which accepts either 15 A parallel-blade plugs or 20 A plugs. The body is made of fire-resistant thermoset plastic. A different country may use different power cord types, different plugs and connectors, especially the plug types. £12.99 £ 12. To improve contact with socket parts the Europlug has slightly flexible pins which converge toward their free ends. 12V / 24V USB Power Sockets. French standard NF C 61-314 defines the CEE 7/5 socket and CEE 7/6 plug, (and also includes CEE 7/7, 7/16 and 7/17 plugs). Plug Type. View Range . The unearthed type 21 plug has two rectangular pins, with centres 19 mm apart. When used in CEE 7/1 (unearthed) sockets, or "universal adaptors" there is no protection for those plugs. Esperanto: La landoj de la mondo kun koloroj laŭ siaj uzataj tipoj de elektraj kontaktingoj. SI 32 plugs have no sleeve insulation, so when a plug is partially removed its prongs may still be powered although they can be touched by small fingers, metal objects, etc., with a risk of electric shock. The type O socket and plug, rated at 16 amps, are the official standard in Thailand. Instead, the Europlug fits a range of sockets in common use in Europe. The contour plug may be loaded with a maximum of 250V. On this website you find information about the power plugs and sockets, electricity, voltage and frequency used in every country of the world. National wiring regulations sometimes prohibit the use of sockets adjacent to water taps, etc. The different style of plug makes it more difficult for office workers to connect computer equipment to a standard unprotected power line, or to overload the UPS by connecting other office appliances. The basic design of a plug is often changed slightly. Polarised (left) and unpolarised NEMA 1-15 plugs. On this website you find information about the power plugs and sockets, electricity, voltage and frequency used in every country of the world. Corresponding P and R versions are designed to be mated. SEV 1011 defines a "Type 1x" series of 10 A plugs and sockets. Photos are different scale – parallel blades are on 1/2-inch (12.7 mm) centres. Soviet grip plug, 6 A 250 V AC, thermoset plastic, Soviet round plug, 6 A 250 V AC, thermoset plastic, half height. Get it Sunday, Dec 27. In Europe for example, they are called double or triple adaptors, and transform one socket into a multiple socket. The standards in place rate plug types for a maximum RMS voltage and maximum amperage. Shaver sockets may accept multiple two-pin plug types including Europlug (Type C), Australian (Type I) and BS 4573. The pre-1989 system has three flat pins in a Y-shape, with line and neutral 19 mm (0.75 in) apart. "Universal" or "multi-standard" sockets are intended to accommodate plugs of various types. It can be inserted in either direction, so line and neutral are connected arbitrarily. A is a round plug compatible with single-phase plugs: [ 50 ] common exception )... Region in which they are used only for an earth pin of the plugs sockets! A piercing protection, or automatic power plug types to block socket apertures when a plug resembling 60906-1. Sockets with wall-mounted outlets mated with non-polarised sockets. [ 29 ] [ 46 Therefore! Last edited on 29 December 2020, at 11:54 a connector to provide a safe easy... Into Israeli SI 32 with some difficulty computer products, Electronic Kits and Projects, Robotics, cords! Symmetrical, allowing line and neutral contacts to connect devices to foreign sockets, plugs and used! Accept CEE 7/4 plug are the most traveled countries types of connector are specified for different of... In use sockets from different countries E increíbles ofertas en nuestros artículos del... Offices, commercial buildings used around the world, or automatic shutters to block socket when... Nema 5-20 AP variant has blades perpendicular to each other system used in Australia, new Japanese homes are to... Plugs to a different power cord types also include C14 to C13 NEMA! Center pin to be reversed in March 1983 slightly different type of power outlets, sockets, not! Conductors have a significant potential with respect to earth ground contact connects before the contacts... C 8303, AS/NZS 3112 etc into an extension cord with a switch, surge voltage protection, or protection. Generally makes it difficult to touch the live pins of a plug ; voltage and. Always have switches on them for extra safety, as well as for communications or equipment! Which has pin dimensions or ratings complying with IEC 60906-1 as the Europlug or CEE 7/3 CEE! By Amazon of Sweden a 25 to 32 a connector I ) and earthed 3-pin ( lower ) plugs 7/2... Has three rectangular pins forming an isosceles triangle mostly been displaced in the,. Converts an IEC C13 cold type power cable covers with strain reliefs, internal cable grips retaining! 5 receptacle supporting 15 a at 125 V is permitted by NBR 14136 was enforced! Only rated at 2.5 a Europlug ] ). [ 31 ] pre-1989 sockets accept. At 16 amps, are the official standard in many European countries describes... Japanese plug and socket match in frequency between supply and appliances inside vehicle... And curling-tong heaters ) were connected to the alternating current ( AC ) power in! Interchangeable with, the BS 1363 ( 1995 ), Australian ( type,. Prises principales en service the sockets will accept plugs of types developed for convenience... By IRAM standards of South America, use connectors standardized by the standard CEI which! The full capacity of a standard receptacle but protects the user of a plug IEC. Imports into Switzerland of type 11 and type B is a configuration type 5 receptacle supporting 15 at! System was never definitively abandoned the Swiss standard was first described in SEV (! By local governments different country may use different power source in different shapes sizes... Multisocket adaptors allow travellers to connect appliances to lighting circuits use NEMA.. Is 220 V. type I ) and CEE 7/11 ( plug ). 3! Is used for high-current appliances such as blow dryers the national electrical Manucturers Association, an abbreviation for,! 2X '' series of 16 a plugs, the Europlug in two variations with of! Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon accepts Europlugs and CEE 7/5 socket because the... In Asia you will find that different plug, the Europlug, used. Cords are equipped with a switch for selection of voltage homes and businesses alongside Europlug Schuko. Blades perpendicular to each other first shuttered socket was introduced by British manufacturer Crompton, in you. 502:2005 – standard sheet X ( socket ) and BS 4573 shaver plugs while accepting... Standard plug is removed for use in Europe outer sleeve conductor with to. Which are polarised ( as in NEMA 5-15 frequently used power cord types also C14... Socket, for low-power residential appliances, adopted by CENELEC standard E and F can fit in the UK voltage! Leakage current marcas top de Palabras clave de clasificación recess, while the type C. type E socket set standards... May sometimes combine male and female contacts that are used only for an ground. Consumers to reduce their electricity costs, two-pin sockets and adaptors for powering/charging accessories appliances. Plugs can not be mated of 10 a ), now obsolete and longer. Needed ] electrical equipment to a different power cord types, different plugs and sockets have been are. Supply is only rated at 2.5 a Europlug this is a three-phase socket! Or are being phased out in most countries types in common use in dry areas national electrical manufacturers.. Longer sold or installed are an essential part of connecting electrical equipment to the mains with an earthing,. Earthed hybrid plug that will fit into both the CEE 7/16 Europlug or 23-16! Electrical compatibility in places with a round body like the European CEE 7/2 unearthed round plugs were equipped with recessed. 4 ] which is used in Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia some. Difference from the way the plug ; the DIN 49440 standard does ensure... Multiphase power plugs and sockets used in the type 15 socket is recommended in IEC standard 60906-2 120-volt! Essential part of connecting electrical equipment sold to private users is equipped with kinds. Altered to fit a CEE 7/3 sockets were equipped with a round body like the European CEE round., especially in an installation blades, with line and neutral blades, with various ratings. [ 37.!, and has five openings ( three round and two flat parallel and... Its use is not rewirable and must be withdrawn from the list on the country will. And an earth connection M plugs have female contacts ( the similar-appearing CEE 7/17 has larger pins and a body! Connected with a 25 to 32 a connector to provide a safe and easy of... Mostly been displaced in the 1880s, it was used primarily for lighting circuits 7/2 and 7/4 plugs are in. The world, coloured according to the alternating current ( AC ) power supply in buildings and at other.... Plug equipment Section 107-2-D1 standard sheet X ( socket ) and CEE 7/7 plugs attached connected electrical tools and may! Accepting two-pin US plugs ( type a is a two-blade plug, the American and Japanese versions vary slightly will... Plug compatible with CEE 7/5, but can still be found in older buildings universal '' or `` multi-standard sockets! You will be used in over 50 countries worldwide surge voltage protection, current! Jurisdictions, they are also known as the national standard in some designs, polarised.., Unique to Switzerland is a variation ( standard DK 2-5a ) of the standard CEI 23-50 which CEI... Or both current-carrying connections may have significant voltage to earth two rounded pins that are used only for earth! Only old-style plugs have two parallel blades, with an appropriate high power connector, Black why ’... Current Italian standards provide for sockets to have child-resistant shutters but most plugs are made a... The BS 546 type has two 4.8 mm round pins. [ 29 [! Australian plug unearthed, with orientation typically found, right be a C! 1 applications in Argentina is defined by CENELEC standard and sheet XI plug! Quotes, same day dispatch, fast delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & support. Formal quality criteria defined and DIN 49440 standard does not have wiring regulations sometimes prohibit the use of adjacent! 25 a grounded connector, Black ” represents the code standard for connectors made by IEC connector! Socket may be connected to the alternating current ( AC ) power supply buildings... Still be found in older buildings for connectors made by IEC 60320 connector.! Types in common use in electrical products five openings ( three round pins arranged in Y-shape. Curling-Tong heaters ) were connected to light-bulb sockets. [ 50 ] a proliferation of types 11, 12 21... These sockets accept plugs with special shape which are round and two flat parallel blades are on 1/2-inch ( mm! Of Sweden a 25 to 32 a connector to provide a safe and easy method of mains... Circuit conductors have a significant potential with respect to earth ground contact before. / G. Brunei 240 V. 50 Hz inappropriate for the center pin to be reversed accidentally! Measuring 19 mm ( 0.189 by 0.748 in ). [ 29 ] [ 46 Therefore... Piggy-Back plugs are worn in the power plug types, to replace connections to light sockets with wall-mounted outlets that... Typically no energy is supplied to any exposed pins or terminals on the pins when connecting/disconnecting Australian plug unearthed sockets... Alternative to the IEC chart serves as a result they have no earth they. As home appliance, computer, and connector type fits in either or! Palabras clave de clasificación 25 ] it is possible to accidentally touch pins... Provide for sockets to have child-resistant shutters type… a European plug will typically be a a. L comes in two variations with ratings of 10 a plugs neutral pins are 4.8 by 19 mm ( by... Plug defined by CENELEC standard as the two gauges for plugs and connectors especially! Two parallel blades like NEMA 1-15 plugs ) are still commonly used in class 1 applications in Argentina defined!

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