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The nav element represents a section of a page that links to other pages or to parts within the page: a section with navigation links. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using or mail your article to Additionally, you can also apply the max-height property if you've a fixed height div element, so that the image doesn't overflow from the div's boundary horizontally or vertically. code. Întotdeauna va fi vorba şi despre mine – Povestiri deScris (I) 28/03/2019. Float property accepts keyword values left and right float elements those directions respectively and set to none for not floated. You can also provide any value to the first parameter to the margin value to provide some gap from the top and bottom to the HTML element. How to vertically and horizontally align flexbox to center ? to this part of the html document. To define a new section we need to make use of the RenderSection method that does the work of rendering the view section by section. Center Alignment of Multiple div Within a div Using Margin Property. Copy link Quote reply dacastro4 commented Dec 2, 2015. How to target all Font Awesome icons and align them center? Example: This example describes how we can place 2 div side by side with each div having a center aligned div within itself. It is possible to place any HTML element within a

tag, including another
. How to apply style to parent if it has child with CSS? A general rule of thumb is that the section element is appropriate only if the element’s contents would be listed explicitly in the document’s outline. Here is a brief explanation of each sectioning element and how they are used: