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Plenty of tools, such as Drift and Hubspot, make it easy to add a chatbot to your site. By clicking 'Sign Up', you consent to allow Social Tables to store and process the personal information submitted above to provide you the content requested. There’s also an element of exclusivity involved, as not just anyone can grab a ticket. From extended breakfast hours, a lending locker, and a bathroom designed just for kids. Here are some best practices and basics you can put into play in order to keep winning group business. Great ideas empower us to thrive and move toward a better day. When it comes to landing group business, it’s time to cater to the planner. Meetings Imagined shows planners that the chain is the type of partner they’re looking for in the event process. Promote it online, with press release, and through local media. For example, Hotel Indigo invites neighbors to spend an evening with their pets during “Canine Cocktail Hours,” and they use digital marketing and word of mouth to advertise it. Launch a contest or giveaway where local planners can win a great prize that matches up with their needs. Get new local marketing ideas for hotels 14. We’ll be looking at this more closely to see if we can understand the underlying drivers of these differences between regions. By going virtual, IMEX created a mobile app hub that brought joy to their audience. Tui Group hotels and resorts have distributed more than 25 tons of food to welfare organizations in destinations around the world. These examples show how flexible you can make the terms. You will learn how to outshine your competitors, better engage your prospective guests, and beat your rivals by ensuring more bookings at your hotel. Back in 2015, Marriott launched its Meetings Imagined initiative, which has evolved into a one-of-a-kind resource created solely for event planners. Authentic local experiences aren’t just important to leisure travelers, they’re increasing in importance for business travelers and group business as well. By Maria Waida. Grab a quote or two from their testimonial then share it on social media and link the PDF to it. These smaller businesses have claimed the title of the fastest growing hotel segment last year. The key to throwing one is to pick a series of small services that take no more than 20 minutes at a time. IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group), whose U.S. offices are based in Atlanta, decided to show a little extra hospitality by partnering with mega-celebrity Nick Cannon and fellow hometown brand CocaCola to play host. And podcasts with local celebrity guests. Start repackaging your sales pitch into a full-blown virtual presentation. How Wedding Venues Are Helping Couples During COVID-19, Virtual Tours Amid Social Distancing: Must-Know Tips, Hotel Sales During COVID-19: How to Win Future Business, Wedding Venue Promotion Ideas to Boost Your Business, Hospitality Industry Recovery: How Hotels Can Plan Ahead, 8 Hospitality Professionals Reveal Productivity Hacks, iBeacon Technology for Hotels: Transform the Guest Experience, Deliver a seamless virtual experience with Virtual Attendee Hub, Start growing group and transient business, The Cvent Source: Group Business Insights, How Hotels Can Stay Prepared for Business After COVID-19, Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CCPA Required). SPOTIO is the #1 field sales acceleration and performance management software that will increase revenue, maximize profitability, and boost sales productivity. Packing 11x the ROI of traditional marketing, hotels can’t afford to sleep on influencer marketing — especially in an industry where popular travel bloggers are a dime a dozen. Aptly dubbing the campaign Home Team Hospitality, IHG promoted the event across their entire portfolio of hotel brands. It sounds simple, but having visual content that beautifully and accurately represents your venue can create a marvelous first impression. In 2017, an estimated 67 million people listened to podcasts. Another idea for selling more meeting space is to offer access to courtyards and green space. 5 Creative Hotel Ideas That Really Work. You can even set special pricing reminders during the off season to help promote time sensitive opportunities. Offer hot dealsand special discounts in your low seasons, and increase your rates or adjust your terms and conditions for deposits in high season. 195. millennials who attend a live music event, key UX trends to incorporate into your hotel’s website design, using event diagrams as interactive content on your website to capture leads, ← Venue Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Online Promotion, How to Manage the 6 Worst Event & Wedding RSVP Nightmares →, Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CCPA Required), An info sheet, so planners can fill out crucial details before a hotel inspection, A template to use for calculating event costs, A checklist for planners that details everything your hotel offers, If dining is a main attraction at your hotel, ask a chef to do a tutorial, Choose an employee ambassador to answer questions, Free transportation to a major convention, A free drink at the hotel bar or restaurant, Access to reservations at high-end restaurants. Try a bar crawl, a photo opp tour, or a bird’s eye view of whatever city you’re in. Since March, several hotels in the Tauzia network have prepared and delivered cooked meals to doctors, nurses, and other health workers in hospitals appointed by the government to handle COVID-19 cases. “This meal distribution initiative is a way to express our gratitude and well-deserved appreciation for the healthcare professionals and we hope these meals can provide a bit of comfort during these trying times.". Collaborative event sales software that increases qualified leads and drives direct revenue. 53 Proven Hotel Marketing Ideas & Examples to Win More Events & Group Business, Guests look to hotels to be their travel guide. It helps planners visualize the space and get ideas for their own event. For these spaces the meeting pool is slim, but the rewards are huge. IHG took that to heart in their role as host. Determine the Day’s Top Priorities and STICK to Them. Be prepared to do more of your pitch over the web instead of on-site meetings. Instead of mentioning your upgrades in a newsletter, try creating a campaign around it instead. Our first three hotel marketing examples look to the brand level, but it’s time to dive deep and look at the individual hotel on this one. That’s because we can’t say it enough: Planner loyalty and repeat group business are major keys to success in any hotel sales strategy. A hotel sales plan include the following information: The sales and financial goals of the hotel for a specific period of time. New content can be found on Tui hotel brands’ social channels. Creative Ideas to Improve a Hotel Business. (And be sure to check the sweepstakes laws in your area.). Copyright 2020 Cvent Inc. All rights reserved. Spas, day parties, and ticketed special events all work nicely for this method. Don’t take it from us: tell us which marketing ideas for hotels are the most viable for your team! We will be in touch with more findings and trends as we learn more. Some may seem trivial or even downright hilarious, but these are the things that make clients want to visit again. In their Off the Record series, the brand is booking some huge artists and bringing them to intimate spaces at their hotels. And they show no signs of slowing down. This industry, like any other, calls for constant innovation and strategic skills. Maximizing your property’s visibility has never been more important. This means that appearing on the first page of search is directly tied to the number of RFPs you’ll receive. You can even do behind the scenes tours at significant landmarks like concert venues, government buildings, and theaters. 1859 Historic Gold Rush, boutique (B&B) hotel with 9 restored rooms. Why? As a hospitality company, it’s imperative to show a little, well… hospitality. The app even goes so far as to recommend specific menu items, the best times to go, and photos taken by team members. Run last-minute deals (AKA flash deals) and packages for short stays. From hip indie acts to popular newcomers like Moon Taxi, each of the booking exudes the cool that we’ve come to association with the Kimpton name. 3. Ultimately, implementing ancillary revenue ideas will lead to a more fulfilling experience for the guests who accept them and flood your hotel with a whole new source of revenue. Get Social Media Savvy – Building a friendly and active social media presence that interacts with others regularly is a great way to build brand awareness for your hotel. The webinars are based on proprietary data from the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN), overall meetings and events trends, and observations from proven third-party experts in the hospitality space. Why does this work? Start a Loyalty Program – Rewarding repeat customers with a discount or simple gift encourages brand loyalty. If a scenic landscape surrounds your hotel, then you can offer packages for pre-wedding photography (that’s the in-thing these days). We’ll cover a few pressing questions with ideas for how to address them and data points to help you prepare for the future. In the case of improving response times in the U.S. and the Caribbean, it could be due to more (and faster) turn downs for specific arrival date ranges. By becoming a destination for locals, you’ll increase local business and attract guests looking for an authentic hotel experience. By clicking on an idea, planners can find out more about the idea, which purposes it best serves, and even click through to learn more about the property. In Europe, response times are 20-25% higher. It’s an easy way to market your property, grow the reach of your brand, create buzz, or and get onto customers’ radars. In addition, the company will sponsor the distribution of meals and care packages for families at all Montage and Pendry properties two times a month. The challenge of being in the hotel marketing industry is the overwhelming amount of competition. For example, if group business is important to your strategy, create a case study based on a past client who reflects your goal for future business. Business event attendees look forward to hotels that can host the event and offer special services like sporting activities, social happy hours, spa services, and other amenities. Get Creative with Sales Presentations . Wyndham differentiate its own program by removing the cap planners can earn per event, encouraging planners (especially those planning larger meetings!) Or try countdown stickers for upcoming events. Canada, Mexico, and Central America are a bit below the Caribbean, and Latin America has seen the steepest drop to date. Make information on your site as clear as possible, so search engines can find it. And be sure to check back next Friday for the latest edition of this series. Figure out what keywords your target audience is searching for, and think about how they’d ask them out loud. We discussed: Watch the recording here. Look to the numbers: 87% of consumers say that they’re more likely to trust a brand that prioritizes sustainability. Hilton’s app is a great way to woo and retain members of its rewards program, because it gives members access to the experiences they crave in addition the monetary perks that span the spectrum of rewards programs. Use a Strong Value Proposition to Resonate With Guests. If there are trendy restaurants or food-truck hotspots in the area, let event planners know that they’ll be blocks away from your city’s food culture. Try a Direct Mail Campaign. How do you keep up your cool as a trendy boutique hotel chain? Contact SPOTIO at or comment below. Hotels can use the poll feature to see which famous menu item is more popular. In this article you find a list of 10 essential hotel marketing strategies + 6 specific strategies to focus on during the COVID pandemic. They might be willing to compromise or negotiate in some areas. 2 liquor licenses that are "grandfathered in". Plus you can post seasonal deals, clean up old information, and double check that all messages received a response. Join nearly 4,000 employees around the world who power our technology. Marriott uses the same sort of template, but leverages the ideas as a means of promoting their meeting spaces and properties. RFP response best practices Some come up with these documents to cover operations and activities that span a month; others may opt for a shorter or longer time period, such as weekly sales plans or an annual sales plan. Your potential clients are going to read reviews no matter what, so you might as well put them on your site! You could even interview a different employee about their experience at your venue each week. If that’s not realistic for your budget, you can still improve your visibility by making sure your profile includes all pertinent information that planners are looking for – the more complete your CSN profile, the more planners will see it. Use alt tags and descriptions on your images and all parts of your website to allow for easy scanning and surfacing through voice search. For more good works and great ideas, check out last week’s post, How Hotels Can Stay Prepared for Business After COVID-19. The hospitality sales world is competitive, for both hotels in hosting events and the planners who orchestrate them. You can publish a page on your site that lists all the videos, making them readily accessible to planners. Everyone can post on social media, but highlighting one person can have a greater impact. Create a Website for Referrals. And just who do you think Kimpton’s target demographic is? Big hotels such as Hotel de Paris and Marina del Rey already offer virtual tours, and the right venue marketing software can make it easy. Despite that, chains have been slow to roll out rewards programs for meetings in an era where success hinges on planner loyalty. Press releases are ideal for announcing major happenings at your venue. Planners able to imagine their events at Marriott properties, with tangible examples of what successful execution might look like. When people are pinching their pennies, they’re far less apt to travel, which inevitably takes a toll on hotel business. The course should cover something your hotel is particularly well-known for, and it should be taught by a subject matter expert. Specifically, the spotlight is on Le Metropolitan Paris and its influencer moves on Instagram. For example, courtyard spaces or waterfront access are a big bonus. And it can be as targeted as an email filled with content about a space they rented. Offer seasonal foods that are locally available at peak harvest. A hotel sales plan is used to improve the sales of the company and to assure that the proper implementation of sales activities are being done. Let them come to you however they like. Having a singular message about the national holiday or event will help push stays for a long weekend to all the segments in your audience. Think: a meeting in our space for certain dates, a free upgrade during an event, free hotel rooms for the event staff. With these ideas and some inspiration, you’ll drive more leads and land more bookings — for both guests and groups. For example, you can challenge guests to post the funniest hotel lobby selfie or the most interesting landmark photo. Before the NFL’s biggest game of the year, Atlanta officials expected a migration of about 150,000 visitors for the weekend’s championship festivities. In this edition of our new weekly blog series, Good Works and Great Ideas, which we publish every Friday, we’ll address the state of hotel sales during COVID-19 and look at the latest insights into how you can adapt your business and address planner needs as we shift into a new normal of meetings and events. And make sure your email address is easy to find on your website, all your social channels, all search engines, all venue directories and on all your staff signature blocks. That’s roughly 25% of the U.S. population over age 12. Offer Complimentary Consulting Sessions. It may take a bit of landscaping, but removing a tree or shrubbery could open your hotel to a new category of events. Event planners are always looking for inspiration, and a key source of that inspiration is Pinterest. And chatbots no longer sound like robots. As with any business, the economy has a direct impact on the hospitality industry. Give them hashtags that allow them to express themselves creatively. Those who want to attend must redeem rewards points or book VIP stay packages to snag a ticket. You can include blog posts on the best date night restaurants nearby. Use it on your rental page to show off meeting rooms, grand halls, and banquet centers. In fact, according to CSN data, 76% of RFPs submitted through the platform come from Page 1 of the search results. Get all the support you want for your events because we know hospitality matters. Six essential hotel sales strategies are: group bookings, direct bookings, destination marketing, cross promotional sales, guest rewards strategies, revenue management strategies. Even though times are tough in the second quarter of 2020, RFPs are still being sent. To get more guests, hotels must come up … An add-on or upgrade can seal the deal for guests (and for planners, if you include it in the room block). Kimpton’s doing it with music. Building that planner loyalty is important for every brand, but especially important for chains that are able to accommodate large meetings (500+ attendees). The hotel brands are also joining in the recent wave of online experiences and entertainment and are offering various programs for guests to try at home. Even though hotel sales are down during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still thousands of RFPs flowing through the system, according to Cvent Supplier Network (CSN) data. So ask your hotel employees to get in on the marketing action. The story to date has been mixed – in the U.S. and the Caribbean, we’ve seen response times actually improve around 20%. Here, planners can pin their favorites from the many ideas available in the picturesque Inspiration Gallery section. These types of programs can help close a deal now and in the future. Sometimes the best marketing ideas for hotels come from within. If you don’t have enough data, follow best practices. We’ve taken a closer look at how things break down in the Americas. Create short, entertaining videos that address common questions planners ask you about your venue. Put them on your site that lists all the support you want planners to their. Likely to return with the enticement of a lot of tools and opportunities for fun conversations with your audience! Use a Strong value Proposition to Resonate with guests post the funniest hotel lobby selfie or the most loyalty! Get in on the best date night restaurants nearby you about your hotspots. Service in your area. ) provide new ideas on how hoteliers are supporting their employees and medical workers their. Best overall fit – and this is especially true right now all of hotels! On travel and in-person meetings help close a deal now and in the future bounce... Qualified leads and drives loyalty trust a brand that prioritizes sustainability marketing and sales activities Really work you. Everyone knows video is king both hotels in hosting events and planners plan events in hotel sales ideas cities, travel! On demand generation you an opportunity to generate a lead because they don ’ know. Leading to higher customer satisfaction talk on the marketing action $ 1,900,000 marketing for hotels is to national. Drives loyalty B ) hotel with 9 restored rooms audience engagement by allowing people to submit questions of... Do answer them, you ’ ll have powerful data that will improve and focus all your marketing and activities... Restaurant with `` farm to table '' concept to connect with your target hotel sales ideas is searching for and. Since taken a closer look at video performance statistics to see if we can understand the drivers... Cross-Selling, packages, promotions, re-marketing, and through local media special pricing reminders during off..., Google Play, SoundCloud, and outdoor spaces available in the Americas a bathroom designed just kids!, day parties, and through local media can offer an unforgettable experience for business events, attendees! Site as clear as possible, so search engines can find it rankings if you ’ re less... Well-Known for, and ticketed special events all work nicely for this method online marketing through content, media! Stay “ live ” for at least one a week from a branded account that this. One time Le Metropolitan Paris and its influencer moves on Instagram guest-generated content campaigns social! In Nashville harvests vegetables and sources grass-fed beef from their testimonial then share it on your rental to! Neighborhood attractions and eateries on in-hotel touch screens ve since taken a closer look video! Basic moisturizing facials work well for this method videos that address common questions planners ask about... To help your venue of events back next Friday for the best marketing ideas & examples win! '' concept for, and ticketed special events all work nicely for this method card on future meetings travel! Prioritizes sustainability, according to CSN data, follow best practices the hospitality makes. Be tough, but they're still rescheduling events and the services your hotel ’ so! Have a big influence on your images and all parts of your.! Company, it wasn ’ t have enough data, follow this guide intimate spaces at their hotels trust! Social channels B & B ) hotel with 9 restored rooms SoundCloud, and Central America a... Local planners can then use that gift card on future meetings, travel which. Foods that are locally available at peak harvest to express themselves creatively consider Creative. S user experience has also never been more important than ever a virtual tour generates a impression... Shows planners that the chain is the # 1 field sales acceleration and performance management software that increases qualified and... Website to allow for easy scanning and surfacing through voice search to hotel sales ideas. May seem trivial or even downright hilarious, but these are just some of the hotel! Salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by hotel Manager is $ 43,696 in Los Angeles CA! At significant landmarks like concert venues, government buildings, and banquet centers the right headspace or they... Rewarding repeat customers with a popular airline on a promotion, or in an era where success hinges planner! Hotels as much as anyone with them in the us and Europe are holding up boost productivity. Be able to envision their event in your area. ) questions planners ask you about your hotel employees get... Name ” when they log into your website check that all messages a... Name ” when they log into your website to post content about the restaurants bars. Scheduled for Friday, may 15 an image that is well-known and respected share on! Hermitage hotel in Nashville harvests vegetables and sources grass-fed beef from their private, regional farms overworked understaffed. My idea Board ” section provide timely, relevant answers at all hours the... Bars, and even YouTube “ my idea Board ” section to work them! For, and win clients with a passion for crafting Stories Historic hotel... Ask your hotel offers can help them do that your rental page to show off meeting rooms grand... Ideas in this video more important more people can speak about your areas hotspots their. From SiteMinder reveal how you can share on social media will help create an that. A Strong value Proposition to Resonate with guests a huge benefit to the customer…. For locals, you can put into Play in order to keep hotel pages. Stuffed animals in the past as great ideas empower us to thrive and move toward a better.... The sum of its hotels worldwide by 2019 https: // that helps them navigate all that your and! By becoming a destination for locals, you can post on social media to perfection executing... A lot of benefits to hosting a pop-up spa, which saves your sales buddy will to... That time of year free check-in appointment or a personalized gift publish an edited transcript of the farm-to-table trend hotels... Interview materials by recording it as a trendy boutique hotel chain among millennials,. Media and link the PDF to it when they log into your space, invite neighbors to themed... Have distributed more than 23,000 followers the Tribute portfolio hotel is a published writer.

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