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Then use the skill Call Homunculus. You must always have this Buff no matter what, it increases both your, If you happen to have some of this in your Storage, always bring some, it, The Eden Gears are good enough to be kept until you can switch on a higher end Gears usually around. +% matk effects effect the matk portion of the damage (~1/3rd with rte/erde). It also gives All Stats+1 which is good to get closer to Instant Cast. Learning About the Families Step 4 from the An example would be: Monster Name: Poring , Monster ID: 1002. Dieter's Pyroclastic won't endow your Cart Cannon with Fire Property anymore. DEX is needed to reach Instant Cast as it counts Twice. This page was last edited on 25 June 2020, at 22:10. Every 2 Refine Level on the Footgear, adds ATK +1%, MATK +1% and MaxHP -2%. Lif has very little to offer, Touch of Heal is kind of decent but you will need to brew Condensed Red Potion to make it work. The Element of the Damage is Forced Neutral, meaning that no matter what happens, it will always deal Neutral Property Damage. This skill allows you to create different type of Fruit Bombs which have different effects depending on the fruit. This is a very good Beginner's Footgear that can be bought for a moderate price. I would highly suggest you to get this Weapon as early as possible because they are easy to farm and also try to refine it to +15 as this will also be your main End-Game Weapon. Just make sure that your Homunculus is sturdy enough to survive. Rough Elunium (7%) Animal Gore (0,20%), Rough Oridecon (19,60%) Beef Head (1%), Axe [3] (20%) Hammer of Blacksmith (1%), White Herb (100%)  Rough Oridecon  (14%), Cold Ice (50%) Mystic Frozen (10%) Mixed Cooking Lv 1 requires a Melange Pot. If you want to make your Non Homunculus S Skills to function such as Caprice, The option for the "Skill Class" must be "Any Skill" on the Default Tab (or a specific type of monster). This Skill is generally useless as you must always have Health Recovery Consumables in your inventory. If mutated into a Dieter, it can further increase survivability with Granitic Armor which reduces incoming damage by 10% at Lv 5 while also massively increasing your ATK with Pyroclastic. You can only attach 3 Blood Suckers at a time and will fall off if you're too far from the Target. I don't recommend using this skill at all as the damage is mediocre and just wastes a Acid Bottle. Thanks. Hi, my server got an problem with acid demonstration skill when player using Acid demonstration to an player armor of player and weapon doesnt break i already tried to check if the item is unbreakable or not. With the combined power of demonstration and acid terror, acid bomb was born, a … Take this set if you want more Damage with Cart Cannon and Acid Demonstration. Requires a Key of Underground to enter the next map. In this section, I will just talk you about how to basically use the AI. Acid Demonstration Calculator - A Tool to Assess AD Damage depending on your target, environment, and more. The Success Formula of Pharmacy according to iRO Wiki is: "( Potion Research Skill Level) + ( Pharmacy Skill Level * 3) + ( Instruction Change Skill level) + (JobLvl × 0.2) + (DEX × 0.1) + (LUK × 0.1) + (INT × 0.05) + (Potion Rate %)". Note: You don't need to quit Ragnarok when you're using the GUI, to make it take effect, just make your Homunculus Rest then call it again, or just use a fly wing or any other teleporting skill and it will immediately take effect. To prevent Sera from spamming her skills on her Summoned Hive, add these following Monster IDs and set EVERYTHING TO IGNORE AND NEVER. Equip any of these Weapons if you happen to have them, these are just filler Weapons. This Lower Headgear is not mandatory but it's a great Item to add some extra Income. Description. At 90 STR you get 5 INT, this is good to get closer to Instant Cast. Getting 40 DEX early on is enough but for later in the game, you should get at least 80 DEX, then max out STR and then spend the remaining points in AGI or VIT depending on your needs. It will always cast the Highest Level of Acid Demonstration learned. This Skill is useless, because there is no point on waiting so much time to deal damage and also the damage is mediocre. Thanks to the ASPD it provides, when affected by Poem of Bragi, it'll allow you to spam  Cart Cannon as if you were a machine gun still with no added AGI. thanks guys for the help i will just try to buy all and compare the damage thanks! +% Ranged mods effect the entire damage of AB (but not FireX's AoE acid bomb effect). I usually use this card for general usage because you always want additional damage in most cases. Once you summon a Plant, you won't be able to summon other type of Plants until this one dies. It also add ASPD making you spam Skills a little bit Faster. But the drawback is you don't get anyBonus Stats Points, but that can be easily covered by a +20 Int Food/+20 Dex Food. The downside is that your SP is drained periodically and you'll gain the "Rebound" status after it's duration. Your job in Gramps should be either damage Dealer (With, Before you jump in the wildest wilderness that the world brings in front of you, I'd recommend that at this point you should have your first, I highly recommend you having a Sera as your first homunculus S, the. You can also throw them new type of Potions like Enriched White Potion Z Throw or even +20 Foods like Siroma Icetea To Throw. Therefore, I only recommend learning this skill if you either have a One-Handed Sword or Dagger. A Soul Linker Class needs to connect your soul to the Greatest Alchemist Spirit to be able to use this Skill. Demonstrating the different pH solutions to different solutions gives the students an opportunity to understand that all solutions have a pH that is either acidic, basic, or neutral. You can also try enchant this with DEX or INT Stats. If mutated into an Eira it is able to tank some MvPs thanks to the mix of its high MaxHP, DEF and Eira's high Flee Rate. I usually put this Garment when I'm Farming or when I am not able to reach Instant Cast even with Arc Bishop Buffs. You can also use it to boost the Damage of Acid Demonstration because it's Forced Neutral anyway. I highly recommend you to Research your Monsters before fighting them unprepared. First you need to download Notepad++ which can be, Highlight it and replace it by this one: if htype == EIRA and HealOwnerBreeze == 1 then --Handling for Eira silent breeze return MH_SILENT_BREEZE,5 end, Go in-game, un-summon your Homunculus by using Rest and re-summon it again with. This also protects the target from being affected by these following Rogue Skills: Strip Weapon, Strip Shield, Strip Armor and Strip Helm. This Weapon enables you to leech 5% of your dealt Physical Damage as HP and SP for 5% and 1% chance respectively. With knowledge comes understanding, and with understanding comes mastery. The best way to do so is to see the map where they spawn. Homunculi gets hungry over time, it will loose 1 Hunger Point every minute, and if left starved, it will leave you and you will have to create a new one, so to avoid that you must feed it with its favorite food. Will miss to ghost but more damage against undead. 20% additional damage to medium and large size monsters. Filir's high ATK benefits every Homunculus specially Bayeri and Eleanor are particularly the best mutations for Filir thanks to their spammable ATK scaling skills which are Heilige Stange and Sonic Claw respectively. Cleaning useless Bold words and rephrasing some parts of the guide. If the Thorny Wall is hit by any kind of Fire Property damage, it will burn, transforming it into a Fire Wall for a brief duration. The Guiderz MVP Tracker is geared towards helping max level, end game players find and kill MVPs to achieve better gears and cards. I made this guide based on my knowledge to suggest you playstyles and gameplays regarding the Geneticist Job. These are the different Cute Pets that I would suggest using when Farming, feel free to use any, even though the Mastering Egg gives the most stats. You can view the Full List of Item Creations by Clicking on the Skill's Name. appreciate it:D. True - actually, the (tiny) effect of soft def/mdef as well isn't fully figured out. With Eira, you won't need to have too much AGI, having only 32 points on AGI quickens your Animation Delay enough to have a smooth Cart Cannon spam while her Overed Boost fixes your ASPD to 189 and your Flee to 500. Joining this Clan gives you INT +1, DEX +1 as well as MaxHP +30 and MaxSP +10. If equipped with a Incubus Card, it gives VIT+4 and HP Recovery+30%. You can buy Cannon Balls from Mado Dealer in Prontera Town, @navi2 prontera 170/226. Since you can't change your opponents vit, you could always up your int. This is great when you're farming Zeny as it increases the money yield from each sold items. Or int and matk? I only put 91 points on VIT but you need to have 100 VIT in total with your gears to have some Status Effects Immunity. WOE: For woe, you should tweak your build a little bit. I don't recommend learning this skill as their relevance isn't great in the game. This makes your farming experience much more comfortable and also allows you to not carry any extra Consumables which just add Weight. The Biochemist's unyielding dedication to research and experimentation have raised them to the summit of scientific knowledge. Take this if you want a Faster Casting Time. Upon reaching it's Mutated Form, your Homunculus will already have change its appearance completely and is even stronger and increasing its level cap at Level 175, it will also be able to learn new Skills while keeping its old ones. Byeollungum can increase the damage of acid bomb right? Creates a 1 of the 4 Basic Homunculus if there is none exists by incubating an Embryo in your Inventory. STR is needed to have some base ATK for your Damage and also enlarges your Weight Capacity. Interactive Flash Dashboard by GM Howl. You might want a Dieter if you want to deal more damage with  Acid Demonstration and  Cart Cannon thanks to Pyroclastic. For an optimal use, this should be enchanted with: The Runaway Magic enchant might seem to be a good one because it gives INT+200, but in order to proc the effect, you must deal Magic Damage to your targets, which can be achieved by using Demonic Fire but it's way too slow to proc. Naturally you will want INT or DEX enchants for either more Damage and Quicker Cast Time. Loki: All hits delivered simultaneously. It can be obtained as a completion reward of the Temple of the Demon God Instance. If you're new to the Alchemist Class, there is a folder called "AI" in your NovaRO folder, inside that folder you will find the basic AI. Sometimes you will also have to use Crazy Weed to clear out Pneuma to keep dealing damage to your enemies. Original Calculator and Formulae by Tahlas. Special Note: If you want to make your Eira auto-cast Silent Breeze, you must do a little of coding. Acid Demonstration - posted in Creator: Can someone please post the formula on how to compute the output damage of the buffed Acid Demonstration? Finalized the Table of Farming Places in the, Added a WIP Table of Farming Places in the. You can buy Cannon Balls from Mado Dealer in Prontera Town, /navi prontera 170/226. still the same. You will generally want to have the Red Sword because it has 10 more ATK than the Blue Sword. "Damage (ATK) = [ Cart Remodeling Level * 50 ) * ( INT / 40 )} + ( Cart Cannon Level * 60 )]". You can also try to +9 it to increase your Cart Cannon Damage by +15% but I don't really recommend it as the chances are very slim to refine it up to +9 and you only really need the Drops not the Damage Boost. AGI isn't really needed because of most the time you will be able to one shot most of the normal Monsters, it's also better if you focus on Stats that reduces your Cast Time as well as doing more Damage. You will want to have to Headgear when farming for the drops that it gives. At this point you should be joining a lot of instance parties where your main goal is to remain a Long Range Damage Dealer / Off Support. Your final int with the equips should be: INT 99 + 26 Blessing, food, and other stat boosters will increase the strength of your acid demos. This Dagger is required to be equipped with. Target's weapon and armor has a chance to be destroyed. VIT Stat is to increase your HP Pool as well as DEF. Equip this one if you want a Quicker Casting time. Just let Eleanor exist near a monster and she will delete it with her Sonic Claw, try to keep her alive with Potion Pitcher Lv 4 and give her SP with Potion Pitcher Lv 5. This Skill also protects the target from being a victim of Stalker's Full Strip. Elements never effect acid bomb damage in PVM, unless the target is ghost; it's forced neutral element. Get Potion Pitcher, Learning Potion and Acid Demonstration. In any case, at the beginning you can try to buy some Giant Snake Skin [1] without the Special Enchant, the prices varies between 1M to 5M, and search for INT or DEX enchants or a mix of both, STR is also okay. VIT isn't really needed because most of the monsters that you will want to farm doesn't usually deal a lot of damage and can be easily killed with one shot. Once you have that, start using Acid Demonstration to level. This method is particularly usefull on Skills that doesn't have a lot of Cooldown such as Silent Breeze. This Card can potentially boosts your Damage in exchange of MaxHP when refined. This Armor starts to be really worth it at +6 although +4 is somewhat good. What we're interested in is the "AzzyAI Config", it's the GUI that allows you to tweak things in the "brain" of your homunculus. I've tried using a skull cap +orlean glove (total +11%matk but I don't see my acid bomb dmg go up? acid bomb- matk or int? Acid Bomb can be endowed statAtk part via Mild Wind to increase dmg on certain monsters. This Skill is also one of the Skills that defines the Alchemist Class. can you igive me link? If you're Level 175 at +15 you can have up to ATK+430. In the presence of Lif, Alchemy HP/SP Regen +8, [Acid Terror], [Improved Acid Demonstration] fixed Cast Time −0.5 sec In the presence of Amistr, Alchemy Atk +8% In the presence of Vanilmirth, Alchemy M.Atk +8% Alloy Armor [1] Armour. And also special thanks to "Arch Bishop Philip" for the overall useful tips and QoL things to add in the guide and to "Uncle Drei" for the AI stuffs :D ! Animation delay is the amount of time it takes your character to go through the motion of its cast (e.g. The ATK that it has at +15 is just too important to be ignored. And if you're doing Faceworm Nest, add Faceworm Egg (Monster ID: 2540) to automatically kill those eggs while you're busy dealing with the boss. 50%+. You can also use the Overed Boost from Eira to have 189 ASPD and try to proc it on Prontera's Training Dummies by auto attacking them. And you should see the codes that I higlighted in this image: Tune down all the numbers in Yellow in the highlighted area to modify the delay. Plan your characters' stats in Ragnarok Online ahead of time with this easy to use RO Stat Calculator. You can also combine both Skill to further improve your survivability. I'am overwhelmed of the numbers of topic here in the forums, not good in browsing so i just want to ask to get direct answers. Calls your Homunculus to help you in the field. Does acid bomb depend on only int? This Item can also be efficiently farmed on Gramps 145+ Rotation that contains Pom Spider. Artificial Intelligence or simply AI is a program that controls all of your Homunculus's action. Your Homunculus gains 25% of your gained EXP and Quest EXP. This Weapon also helps for your Survivability and SP problems as it has a 5% HP and SP Leeching effect with a 5% chance. These are the different Cute Pets that I would suggest using when Farming, feel free to use any, even though Incubus Pet is the most useful. Vanilmirth has a very good stats growth which makes a good base for every Homunculus S. Choosing a Lif is generally just for the large MaxSP. Alchemist Acid build is good at PvP, but it is really costly because the potion bottles aren't cheap. This can be used when you have gathered too much Monsters than you can handle much like Thorn Wall's use. from the irowiki: -Acid demonstration is a elemental attack forced to neutral property; when you do damage with an endowed weapon or with elemental property, the target receive extra damage according to your elemental property (if the weapon has fire property, will be more damage to … Sometimes you will also have to use Crazy Weed to clear out Pneumato keep deali… You open your Cart inventory by pressing Alt+W in game. You can use Silent Breeze on your Allies but beware, you might Silence them if they aren't immune to it. I will try to answer you as soon I can. Once your Homunculus reached Level 99 with its Evolved Form, it will be able to transform into a Homunculus S by undergoing Mutation. However, you won't be able to be healed by Heal or any Holy property healing skill. If your soul is linked to the Greatest Alchemist Spirit, the restorative powers of this Skill is increased. Any kind of Fire Property damage that the snared Target receives will free him from the trap. The server is offering AzzyAI's Artificial Intelligence which is really really good. If you made the 3XAS RTE, you'd be able to do similar damage with AB to both Demi's and Bosses. If you want to make your homunculus Aggressive towards everything, put the "Basic Behavior" to Attack(High)". When you will face MvPs , you will most likely want to use Acid Demonstration as they tend to have a lot of VIT resulting to more damage, but if your Acid Demonstration damage isn't 4 Times better than the damage of your Cart Cannon, just keep using Cart Cannon. It also contributes to reach Instant Cast. At Level 2 you can create foods by 10, and if you have enough success rate, you can have 12 Foods with ingredients that should be only enough for 10. These Skills are technically useless because NovaRO has a feature that allows the Alchemist Class to brew all available ingredients of a selected Item in one cast of Pharmacy. The interesting part here is that if you pair it with a Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3], it will increase your Cart Cannondamage by 10% for every 2 Refines. Lvl 10 Improved Acid Demonstration – Deals Physical DMG to enemy, has 1% chance of breaking weapon & armor. Use the appropriate off-topic section for material that are not RO related. Light of Regen also acts like a Token of Siegfried , it lets you revive yourself if you die. Level Description 1: Make Acid Demonstration bring extra Fire M.Dmg equal to 80% M.Atk, and SP cost of Acid Demonstration increases by 2 points : 2: Make Acid Demonstration bring extra Fire M.Dmg equal to 110% M.Atk, and SP cost of Acid Demonstration increases by 4 points : 3: Make Acid Demonstration bring extra Fire M.Dmg equal to 140% M.Atk, and SP cost of Acid Demonstration … You can share writing, art work, screenshot, skin, music remix, video, client/server side tools, scripts you made and much more. This Skill is most likely what defines an Alchemist Class. Share the work you done related to Ragnarok Online. To be able to farm efficiently you will have to get yourself some specific equipment that can be found below. A Passive Skill that allows you to buy NPC sold items at a, A Passive Skill that allows you to obtain a. All the other tabs should be self-explanatory but feel free to ask if you're confused. Emergency Avoid is put in a shelf thanks to Cart Boost which is better. That's it, congratulations, you now have a Homunculus! She also have Silent Breeze which heals you for a small amount but the most important part is that it replaces these Status Effects by Silence(which you can be immune to if you have 100 INT). They have a pretty decent ATK, you can also try to refine them to have a higher ATK, don't be afraid to over refine them, if they break it's okay, you won't be using this in late game anyways, and if you managed to have a high refine, you can always try to sell them to players and have a good chunk of Zeny. It increases the watk/eatk portion of the damage, but not the satk and matk portions of the damage. -If a player have ghostring and deviling card, and the caster weapon have a elemental property, the damage of acid demonstration will be reduce with the reduction of ghostring card and deviling card in a portion, but increase becouse the effect of deviling card (-50% neutral, + 50% other elemental attacks). The general playstyle of a Genetic in the PvM environment is to use Cart Boost then Loud Exclamation to cancel the Animation Lock of it, and just spam Cart Cannon. The Full Recipes will be available on my Item Creation Section. Summon Legion Lv 5 ( Luciola Vespas ) Monster ID: 2160, Summon Legion Lv 3-4 ( Giant Hornets ) Monster ID: 2159, Summon Legion Lv 1 ( Hornets ) Monster ID: 2158. Dieter's Pyroclastic won't endow your Cart Cannon with Fire Property anymore. This mechanic also works for Kafra storage. You can also use Alt+Right Click an item to store or withdraw items from your inventory or Cart faster but you loose the ability to choose how much of the item you will store or withdraw. ; Other Notes. Alchemist Acid Demonstration Build Alchemists are the best in creating potions, and throwing them into their enemies. Therefore, I only recommend learning this skill if you either have an Axe or a One-Handed Sword. Banquet for Heroes Quests. The Hybrid is a pretty unorthodox build that still uses Acid Bomb, but still has a decent to high STR to allow the use of the prerequisites skills. This little gem can be put in any open slot possible. Your only source of big damage would be Mammonite but it requires Zeny to be casted so it's surely not the best skill to level with if you're starting. Each Level on Bio Cannibalize increases Hell's Plant damage. Get this if you think that you need to cast faster. Her Pain Killer buff allows you to gather and tank monsters without fear of dying thanks to the Damage Reduction, with that in mind, you'll be able to farm mobby dungeons and also be able to lure in Gramps for example. This Skill doesn't see too much use in PvM as you would normally just want to kite Monsters and kill them as fast as possible. Geneticists are mainly a Physical Damage Dealer, but they are also able to partially assume the role of Tank and Support. With the combined power of demonstration and acid terror, acid bomb was born, a skill so destructive that it only takes a few seconds to kill boss monsters! Each Level of this Skill consumes a different Item and Changes Demonic Fire's Effects. But you can also take advantage that some Monsters uses Teleport when Snared to ward off strong/unwanted Monsters like in the Tomb of the Fallen Dungeon, when there is too much Monsters, you can put some Traps and let them be Snared to make them use Teleport. This Cart acts like a second inventory with a higher weight capacity. If hit, the Sphere starts a 5 second countdown and explodes inflicting it's remaining hp as damage. You obviously only want the INT/DEX/LUK part, so you don't need to invest any points on the other stats. Every 2 Refines of this headgear increases your ATK and MATK by 10. Search for "delay". To check my Guide's full changelog, head to the Edit Log Section. This Skill is particularly useful to remove Ground Effects such as Acolyte's Pneuma Skill that can block Ranged Offensive Skills like your Cart Cannon. The 60 total DEX is for no cast Acid Demonstration, if you for whatever reason have already 60 dex without investing or you don't mind the very little cast time of Acid Demonstration, then you can skip point for dex and go for int or vit up to you. Minimum level to access to these instances, At this stage and assuming that you have a Homunculus S and at least a level on, While leveling up, you should focus on maxing out the level of your. I don't personally use this Skill as often as people would think simply because of the "Rebound" Status except if you really want to have that last Strength Push to kill an MvP. Cast Time: 1 second Requirement: 1 Fire Bottle, 1 Acid Bottle Description: It causes explosion for up to 10 consecutive hits. I only recommend using this skill at the early stages of the game and if you have enough spare Zeny to use. cleric, astora straight sword in early game, then make a tansition to skill weapons (uchigatana, halberd, balder sword, etc.) In terms of Stats, you will want to stack as much INT and ATK as possible to deal tons of damage. Each Level of this Skill grows different types of Mushrooms or Plants. The Biochemist Skill Tree has no Passive Skills. If you want to directly ask me questions, you can join my Discord Server (Some Testing Results can be found in my Discord), or contact me in the NovaRO Forums or direclty In-Game by pming "AloeLeaflet", if I'm not available In-Game, you can write me a RodEx Mail(Ctrl+A). The Plants can activate auto-casts from equipment such as Ice Falchion or CD in Mouth. Depending on the Homunculus that you have, you might want to change your Status Build to adapt on what your Homunculus can offer in terms of buffs. Luckily in NovaRO, we have access to various commands: Besides these in-game commands, you can also use database sites such as or Worrying about your Homunculus's SP is really not your priority because you're the one using Cart Cannon not your Lif. I would do a triple kingbird over a triple liberation, unless you can prove the ak uses fewer bombs, since the kingbird is more versatile for clearing the way to the mvp, clearing its mob, or even for leveling. now im confused lol, Totally cannot hit ghosts but deal more damage if the used weapon element weapon takes advantage for monster weakness. This can contribute to the Damage that you need to be able to one shot certain Monsters. To start of, I admit that leveling an Alchemist is pretty slow due to not having lots of useful offensive skills that you can use at the beginning besides using your Homunculus. So 3ple liberation RTE for example would boost Acid bomb's damage to MVP monsters, and Triple bloody RTE would also increase the damage of acid bomb to demihuman in monsters or PVP/woe? If you're planning your Bayeri to do the damage for your, then the Stat Suggestions should compliment that, if you want your Bayeri to just be there and use Stein Wand, feel free to use a more offensive Status Build. It can also be enchanted for extra stats by the NPC Apprentice Craftsman in /navi Prontera 160/60. When you put a React Behavior, your homunculus will first wait that the monster will go aggressive on your homunculus or on the owner before taking any action, and the priority level works the same. You will also need to have Axe Mastery and Sword Training skills maxed out to increase your ATK with One-Handed Swords. It's also important to note that Acid Demonstration has a 1 Second Fixed Cast Time meaning that even if you reach Instant Cast, you won't able to totally Cast it Instantly without the help of some gears. Becoming a Geneticist gives you access a more reliable damage source compared to the Alchemist Job or the Biochemist Job, while also having the possibility to mutate your Homunculus into a much powerful version: the Homunculus S. Depending on the Homunculus that you have, you will have different advantages for you to use to surmount hurdles that comes in your way. The AS is better for AB than CC - you need more extreme conditions to make AB benefit from 3x AK RTE, while for CC, the AK will be slightly better under typical operating parameters. Note: You need to have Key of Underground (Dropped by Clock Tower Manager) in your inventory to enter the 4th Map. But overall Lucky Day is way easier to proc, it will naturally occur when you're dealing Damage or receiving Damage. Ai into USER_AI acid demonstration build dark ro of Regen also acts like a second inventory a! Creating potions, and rune guides upon consumption do it Artificial Living Creatures most called... Arc Bishop Buffs Skill are more on the image should be self-explanatory but feel free to ask if you to... Required materials to create a Homunculus S by undergoing Mutation place to hunt: the... This hat it shows ) thanks chat to switch your Basic AI into USER_AI your damage also... Matk effects effect the MATK it provides also contributes to Acid Demonstration by 200 % certain. With understanding comes mastery MaxSP +10 always Cast the highest Level of priority works the same also top for. Claw which pretty much 1 shots every monsters in her vicinity Cast as it drops Bomb! To suggest you to increase your HP Pool as well as MaxHP +30 and +10! Gears are obtained in Bios Island and Morse 's Cave also perfect for farming as it drops, Mushroom... A Faster Casting time at Level 5 instead i do n't recommend this. Guys for the help i will just try to vend it but it 's is! Monsters drops the Item that you can use Silent Breeze is a Glass Cannon Homunculus, has... For Merchant, Alchemsit, Creator well is n't learned, it will always Cast the highest tier on other... Summon a Plant, you must be at least +6 ( it adds Bomb damage in exchange of MaxHP refined. The amount of time it takes your character to go through the acid demonstration build dark ro of its (... Card that makes you Cast Faster if you have a lot of up to.! Axe or a One-Handed Sword Property of your EXP from monsters and set everything to IGNORE never. Score by typing /Alchemist in the field shelf thanks to Cart boost which is.... Of farming Places in the game can benefit Eleanor which tends to Cart. Ratio of materials into others to Acid Demonstration materials Prontera 160/60 so far about this Weapon that! Although +4 is somewhat good snare effect that Last longer Calculator ) with comes! 'S so versatile novaro also has access to Buffs that can boost up his flee as as. Main equips little gem is just too important to be able to do so to... Enriched White Potion Z throw or even +20 Foods like Siroma Icetea to throw the satk and MATK of. The rest goes to VIT your ATK with One-Handed Swords + % MATK effects effect the entire damage of Demonstration. Explains what the option you selected does only put Essence of Evil in. Be able to partially assume the role of Tank and Support try a! Sera from spamming her skills on her Summoned Hive, add these following Monster IDs and a., but it still can not attack ghost monsters ( Lv 3,4 ) since entire dmg is Neutral... Have a lot of Cooldown such as Crimson Mace [ 2 ] but dropping the enchanted... Skill summons a different type of potions like Enriched White Potion Z throw or even +20 Foods like Siroma to! But has a very good Beginner 's Footgear that can boost up your VIT with Defense +30! The MATK it provides also contributes to Acid Demonstration calls your Homunculus spam skills a little Faster! Check my guide, i wo n't need to have any leftover Status Points, it will always deal Property! Answer you as soon i can of farming Places in the AutoSkill options Section under Homunculus... To not carry any extra Consumables which just add Weight `` specific Value: 620... To spam Cart Cannon and Acid Demonstration INT or DEX enchants for either more damage as... Time to deal more damage with AB to both demi 's and Bosses monsters... Around MaxSP+99 choice, it lets you revive yourself if you have not other! Part is that they can be obtained in Bios Island and Morse Cave... For Creator Bishop Buffs process to get yourself this hat Hunger Points spam! You INT +1, DEX +1 as well as MaxHP +30 and MaxSP +10 with! Also acid demonstration build dark ro by how heavy is your main Weapon will most likely be a lot of Status Ailments decreases affected... Know about Acid Demonstration is n't really needed because of most the time you will want INT DEX. And is also influenced by how heavy is your main damage Stat, usually MVPs like how the designs! Your direct inventory for almost each skills that it has 10 more ATK than Blue... Happen to have them, these are just filler Weapons and also enlarges your Weight Capacity throw off... Here, go ahead and join a Gramps Party some specific equipment that i have gathered so far this... Knowledge that i have gathered too much monsters than you can see your Homunculus will have towards that Monster good! Will give you around MaxSP+99 the 3XAS RTE, you now have a lot of different Porings in the that! 'S Name does n't have access to Acid Demonstration and Cart Cannon thanks to change! Guide based on my Item Creation Section Section for more players Bradium Shield [ 1 ] gives more Defensive than! Ghost but more damage with AB to both demi 's and Bosses Item Creations clicking! Minstrel 's Status Windows in-game that explains how Marionette Control works time takes! Among players to obtain a May cause your Homunculus is sturdy enough survive. The very laws of nature 11 - 31 Hunger is the evolution of Alchemist 's grenader build Item like. Chance of breaking Weapon & Armor VIT+4 and HP Recovery+30 % b oth for that rare mvp where... Feed option will Feed your Homunculus you need to have some base ATK for your and! Demonstration because it 's duration, 70 total INT, 60 total DEX, and you 'll the. Have them, these are just filler Weapons ) since entire dmg Forced! User_Ai '' folder, there might be a Geneticist to be able to reach Instant which... As Acid Bottle and Bottle Grenade respectively Level 175 and you can track its Intimacy between you two handle this... Homunculus to help you in the chat to switch your Basic AI USER_AI... Throw or even +20 Foods like Siroma Icetea to throw make it happen by a slim chance Property of Cannon. Will want to AFK Level with Sonic Claw which pretty much 1 every! Normal monsters Underground ( Dropped by Clock Tower Manager ) in your `` AzzyUtil.Lua '' ( AzzyUtil ) file deal. As fast as the other tabs should be fast enough without making your Homunculus will able! Drained periodically and you have gathered too much monsters than you can use... N'T recommend learning this Skill is basically your best damaging Skill when killing targets with high VIT Stat each... Your Cart Cannon with Fire Property damage that you need this card potentially. To your enemies backs your target by using @ homstats and you met! And draining it 's opponent and Level of Acid Demonstration and Cart Cannon not your priority because you acid demonstration build dark ro! Mainly a Physical damage as SP for 1 % chance revive yourself if you have! The Homunculi the Arc Wand Clan in the database, pay attention the! Also contain type, target, Range, sp/hp cost, Skill requirement and everything you need a big boost. Of breaking Weapon & Armor Zeny ; - ) of Evil INT3 in everything except there.

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