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With just over 47,000 miles on the odometer, the bike is in all original condition. [dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/CX500E Sport/”/], #mc_embed_signup{ clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; } It’s relatively heavy, it’s water cooled, and it has shaft drive. But the bike's ease of use, its reliability, and its overall fun make it one worth customizing, and at the very least, keeping for a long time. The engine is practically bulletproof, but if you do need to do some maintenance (tune-ups, valve adjustments, etc), the heads are conveniently angled outwards to make it easy for you. See our selection of 1978 Honda CX500 accessories and aftermarket parts. It's a lovely bike. Strangely for a sports machine, the forks feature 11mm longer travel than the previous CX versions, but this extra movement is well controlled, featuring air assisted damping and an effective anti dive set up. The tubular engine design is many times stronger than the box like casings used in a conventional across the frame power plant and once this is bolted firmly in place within the steel frame the result is a sturdy and tough beast. It’s dated engine design and ugly duckling looks didn’t bode well for the types future, but as they say, never judge a book by its cover, unless its one sat on a shelf in an Amsterdam sex shop that is. It rides relatively low, and its fairly narrow wheel base make it easy to maneuver. I've ridden motorcycles on and off for about 25 years. HONDA CX500 Up for sale 1979 Honda CX500. Honda’s CB500 range is extremely robust and mechanical problems are almost non-existent. Early models had a faulty cam chain tensioner that would cause the cam chain to get loose and tear up the inside of the engine. Yes. The Honda CB500X is back with more off-road chops for 2019, including a 19-inch front wheel in place of the old 17. A smooth, capable machine based on the CB750 introduced in 1969, it was decidedly old-school and hardly the machine to entice a new generation of riders. You will receive the seat in a complete set as showing in the picture. Page 2 of 3. From none at all, or rough idle and poor throttle response, to seamless starts in mid 30°F weather and idling with no choke in 30 seconds. And you can take it across the country without a second thought... you'll probably wear more than the bike will. If you get a '78 (any) or a '79 (within a certain serial number range), be aware of the recall issue. The frame has an odd, inelegant curve at the rear, and it isn’t particularly stiff either. The 33mm items on the Z, A and B models were replaced by 37mm ones, while the internals were modified too, with the addition of air damping and also a lengthened travel. HONDA CX500 CX 500 EUROSPORT TAIL PIECE SEAT this plate holds the transistorized ignition igniters, starter solenoid and loom multi plugs on the later transistorized ignition cx models. */. The CX500 rolled out of the assembly line in 1982. A fuel gauge was added to the instrument panel for those long journeys and gone was the rounded styling that earned the first versions those cruel nicknames. Bike was originally going to be a café project, however I realized the time and money needed to be put into my education. Ah, the 1980s. Related. The larger capacity machine remained in the Honda UK line up, also receiving a turbo, for a further three years until 1986. Honda’s CX500. Great bike all around for someone new to motorcycles and wanting to get one. The frame has an odd, inelegant curve at the rear, and it isn’t particularly stiff either. Our reproduction metal seat pan is very strong and powder coated. Honda add a heritage inspired CMX500 'Bobber' to their LAMS line-up, with a twin-cylinder powerplant and relaxed ergonomics, offering an ideal entry point and strong all-round offering. research: honda cx500 Find your next car by browsing our extensive new and pre-owned Honda CX500 inventory from local Honda dealerships and private sellers. The CX500 was made to be the bike of the future, it is very 80s styling. Nothing has gone wrong for me, just a carb clean, simple green and ultrasonic cleaner does wonders. The decade of Back To The Future, Night Rider, Culture Club, Madonna, wild hair, crazy colours and the digital watch! I Bought a Thing: Classic 60 mpg 1982 Honda CX500 UJM Motorcycle At 60 mpg, the Honda CX500 is an ideal all-around classic motorcycle - a statement that's almost become more true in the 30 years since it was introduced! Honda CX500 – Neither Plastic nor Maggot. Engine – water-cooled, four-stroke, 80-degree pushrod V-twin, Transmission – Five-speed, wet-clutch, shaft-final-drive, Frame – pressed steel and tubular “diamond” construction, Suspension – 37mm telescopic forks, air/oil damped, TRAC anti-dive braking system. Good shape. The Japanese manufacturers only venture into the world of horizontally opposed twins. This was later seen put to good effect with the CX500 and 650 turbos of 1981 and 83. Had the speedo drive changed and all is good. Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? This 1982 Honda CX500 Turbo has been listed for sale. Also has an oil leak from the front right side of the engine, from underneath the radiator shroud. View comments, questions and answers at the 1979 Honda CX 500 discussion group. Also please note that any links provided may be part of an affiliate programme (viz. Both the bore and stroke were increased, to 82.5mm and 63mm respectively, and the sump was given and extra half litre of oil to cope with the increase in lubrication demands. The lessons learned from this machine led to the first of two water-cooled designs, one with a conventional v-twin power plant while the second featured supercharging. Our single 2019 Honda CB500X owners' review awards the bike the full five stars overall. Sennheiser CX 500 sound-isolating earphones review: Sennheiser CX 500 sound-isolating earphones. HONDA CX500 CX 500 EUROSPORT TAIL PIECE SEAT UNIT . This is a great bike. The answer, apparently, is a classic Honda CX500 motorcycle that gets 60 mpg and has a top speed well in excess of 100 mph! Pro-link rising-rate, single-shock, rear, Brakes – 2 x 275mm disc, twin-piston, floating-caliper, left side activating the TRAC anti dive within the fork lower. The narrowness and compactness of what could have been a real large lump of an engine works well in the chassis. On and off the throttle, the usual see saw effect of the shaft drive is missing too, the inline configuration removes most if not all of the sensations found with across the frame power plants that deliver their drive via a solid shaft to the rear wheel. 1000 smiles per gallon just getting out and riding. 35mm Vintage Honda Fork Dust Seals - (Fits: Honda CX500, CB650, CB750, CBX, GL500, GB500, XL250, XR250, VTR250, & XR500) The Honda CX500 Turbo was an innovative bike for the company and the industry as a whole. The design of the CX unit keeps the power train in one straight line all the way to the rear hub when it has to make a final 90-degree turn to transmit its 50 or so horses to the wheel. The first CX models, the A and B versions featured single piston floating calipers up front and a dated, single-leading-shoe drum design working on the rear. Motorcycle Honda CX500 CUSTOM Owner's Manual (135 pages) Motorcycle Honda CX500 Custom 1978 Shop Manual (253 pages) Motorcycle Honda CX500 Custom 1980 Addendum '80 (12 pages) Motorcycle Honda CX500 Manual (13 pages) Motorcycle Honda CX650C 1983 Shop Manual Many of us don't fare that much better at that age. The 500 was the first mass produced turbo motorcycle in the world. If you see three punch dots in a triangle pattern, your bike was fixed. Our reproduction metal seat pan is very strong and powder coated. I replaced every bearing and seal on the bike, revised the carbs, fitted K&N pods, shortened … I've owned mine for a month, and I've put about 2000 miles on it. The CX500T(also known as CX500TC) was based upon the Honda CX500 which was also the platform upon which the Honda Silverwing 500 was built. //

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