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6. The Accelerated Nursing degree program only offers a summer start in May, and the application deadline is January 15, 2021. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Questions about our undergraduate programs? An education in nursing also requires spending time in clinical trials for the purposes of testing the education that’s been learned in the classroom. Start Date. Durham Tech’s accelerated ADN programs speed up the learning process by reducing the number of lessons. They are able to apply for their nursing exam much sooner than if they had enrolled in a traditional nursing program. Cal State Stanislaus requires its students to study full-time and doesn’t allow them to hold jobs while they are in the program. However, you need more information than what the school’s website provides. Every accelerated nursing program offers a fast-track degree. LPN to BScN (On Campus and Distance) May 2021. With high demand for the program and limited spots available, we recommend that you apply as early as possible. Find the best online and offline colleges for your degree. Accelerated BSN programs provide individuals looking for a change in careers to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This academically rigorous program is famous for producing nurses who are well-grounded in all the basics. Skills and simulat… Online or on-campus? 2. Then we ranked schools by giving each factor 25 percent value to the school’s final score. Rasmussen College is well-respected in the state of Minnesota for the accelerated ADN programs it offers to students who want to speed up the education process. Application Deadlines for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022final deadlineonline applicationFebruary 23, 2021Opening January 5, 2021The ABSN program’s annual application cycle services a spring and fall cohort. A student who’s attending an ADN fast track program can expect to be in school continuously from 12 to 15 months and start employment upon graduation and passing of the NCLEX-RN. ECPI offers accelerated degree programs that are of the highest quality, providing students with both skills and resources they will need when starting their careers. But it’s a great place for learning how to serve diverse patient populations. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. The University of Massachusetts at Amherst has an accelerated nursing program with the necessary science courses, such as microbiology, anatomy, and physiology, built into the curriculum. This accelerated second bachelor's degree program will allow you to get licensed as an RN and working in the field quickly. Enrollment Schedule. Many students find the CUNY program too demanding and drop out, but a substantial number go on to earn MSN degrees and doctorates in nursing. Students can complete their accelerated ADN program in as little as 12 to 18 months, giving them additional time to pursue another degree program or go straight to work. Each school has individual requirements, but the best accelerated nursing … Best Accelerated BSN Programs … With accelerated ADN programs, graduates have the skills to find work and begin to get the experience they need to be considered for promotions in the future. The accelerated nursing program at Stony Brook University leads to an opportunity to sit for the NCLEX exam and get a nursing license in just 12 months. Moberly Area Community College is popular with students in the state of Missouri because of its advanced technology and accelerated degree programs. Accelerated nursing programs require students to spend a lot of time together. It isn’t an RN-to-BSN program. Graduate employment rate also exceeds the average rate. Enrolling in an 18- month ADN program gives you the opportunity to start your career much sooner than later. You need at least C+ in all of your courses, and a B for the last 30 credits. Enrolling in Misericordia University’s accelerated nursing program can get you on the fast track to a new career in nursing, but first you must meet the accelerated BSN admissions requirements. They will still need to go to campus or a teaching hospital for their clinical work, but they don’t need to go to a physical classroom for their didactic work. Students have full access to both faculty members and resources they can rely on to help them if they have any problems with the lessons they are given. It offers many different degree options including the accelerated associate’s nursing programs that are designed to teach more in less time. Accelerated degree programs offer an abundance of material in a very short period of time. Truman State University admits students who already have another bachelor’s into its accelerated nursing program even if they have not completed all of their prerequisite courses, although remedial work may add to the 18 months usually required to complete the program. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. The college provides students with every advantage that will help them build a successful nursing career. Top 15 Forensic Nursing Programs for 2019, Top 25 Online RN to BSN Programs for 2019, Top 25 Most Affordable Online Nursing Degrees 2019, 10 Best Online Schools for a Degree in Gerontology, 10 Best Online Schools for a Degree in Nursing Education, Top 10 Nursing Informatics Degree Programs, Top 10 Most Affordable Traditional Nursing Degree Programs, Top 5 Forensic Nurse Career Paths for 2019. Designed for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field, accelerated nursing programs are also known as second-degree nursing programs and direct-entry nursing degree programs. It’s important to understand what an accelerated nursing program isn’t. What the search results don’t do is give you insight to the school, the quality of the program, and the overall results. At the university, an ADN program can be completed in as little as 20 months. There are another 135 accelerated nursing programs that are not listed with the AACN. This program only starts during fall (September) and not during winter (January) since each course is specifically timed and scheduled for accelerated study. Graduation Rate, the percentage of students finishing the program. Rasmussen College offers accelerated ADN programs to students who are wanting to advance through their nursing programs at a much faster rate than if they had chosen to enroll in a traditional degree program. The Queen's Nursing Experience. Located at the university’s Sugar Land campus near Houston, the University of Houston’s accelerated nursing program offers an academically challenging 12-month pathway to an RN and a BSN in nursing. Excelsior College gives students a chance to complete their nursing degrees with accelerated ADN programs that can shave up to six months off of their traditional class time. The program starts every fall, running a total of five semesters. Finding the Antidote Abroad: Medical Tourism Explained, Drawing Blood: The Most Taxing Fields of Nursing, Informatics – The Newest Nursing Masters Degree, Medical Tourism: Crossing Borders for Healthcare, 10 Most Common Problems Treated in Emergency Rooms. February 1, 2021. Students work with faculty members to create a positive learning environment where every resource is made available. Mature students are welcome in most accelerated nursing programs. Primarily geared towards individuals holding LPN licensure, paramedics, or registered respiratory therapists (RRT), the program allows both January and August start dates. October 31, 2020 . Drexel’s innovative curriculum is second to none, and there are years that 100% of students pass the NCLEX. Clemson University’s accelerated nursing program takes students who have earned at least a bachelor’s degree no matter what their major. Only about half of students get through the program, but once they do, they always pass the NCLEX. January 31, 2021 . They are taught the basics of direct patient care, the benefits of documentation, and many other skills that are required. Ask yourself if the program provides the type of education you’re looking for. Students are able to continue on with their education or take the state exam and go directly to work. Contact us. Many of their degree programs can be completed in less than 18 months, giving students an advantage when it comes to being able to take their state boards and get their nursing license. Accelerated associates nursing programs provide all of the necessary skills that a traditional program only in much less time. This is an accelerated program that can be completed in one year – January to December 2020, with residence at one of the clinical sites. Because there are fewer lessons, more information is packed into each one. People come to accelerated nursing programs because they are inspired by the competence, courage, and kindness of a nurse in their lives. Less than half of students graduate. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. Along with the valuable resources, students can also rely on the faculty members to answer their questions when they have them. A full-time job with this kind of course load is impossible. The college provides many resources that students can use throughout their program. 5. Students rely on the school’s faculty members to assist them during the learning process. Faculty members are always ready to help students who need assistance with an assignment or encouragement when preparing for a big test. The Nursing Job Shortage: Where Are Nurses Needed Most? The university advertises that the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing fully approves the program and it has also received accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing. The core curriculum of an associate’s degree in nursing involves teaching students the technical skills they need to succeed as a nurse, but electives also play a role in shaping the outcome of the degree. January 31, 2021 . 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