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These are the only female fish that we advise you to add to a Betta tank. Also, the openings should be large enough to work as a proper hideout free of trapping the fish. The Zebra Loaches fins including caudal fins, pectoral fins, and dorsal fins also comprise some of the stripes. When betta fish get curious about something, they often act like toddlers and put whatever they discover into their mouths. Fish that occupy a separate area to Bettas are also an excellent choice these bottom dwellers would be perfect as they will not invade the Bettas territory: Zebra loach Albino cory Bristle nose pleco Snowball pleco Candy striped pleco Adding plants to the aquarium will increase the habitats complexity which has been proven to reduce The dojo loach or weather loach will spend most of its day swimming along the substrate and eating leftover food. Its actually easier than most people think, as long as you meet the right tank conditions and reproduce their natural environment, as for any fish species. The snails shell patterns can vary and make for very interesting additions to the tank. The Bristlenose pleco has a peaceful temperament and will not threaten your zebra danio. Because of this, fighting due to territorial disputes rarely happens. Male Zebra Loaches can develop a strong coloration of stripes visible on their long noses or snouts, which is another difference known so far. They scavenge for food in the tanks substrate and there are several varieties you can choose from that will be good tank mates for your Betta fish. Moreover, it Your email address will not be published. Believe it or not, Otos are often caught straight from the wild. As their name suggests, these are miniature frogs that can truly make your tank unique! An Overview of the Fish Species Origin and Habitat Take a guess where the hillstream loach originates. The next gen Fluval Canisters are a best buy! You can keep two or three of these small fish with one betta fish. It requires a pH between 6 to 7.5. So if you decide to give your Betta fish some company, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the water tank you require. Some of these are more active at nighttime than daytime so that they wont bother your Betta fish. The major difference, and why they didnt make the top list, is that Neon tetras are very brightly colored and renowned as fin nippers. Skip to content. Fill one bucket with fresh replacement water, and leave the other empty. Home About Us Bettas Assorted HMPK Male Australia's Largest Online Betta Speclialist, from domestic fancies to exotic wild species. Beginning from the front side of their head to the base of their caudal fin, Zebra Loaches feature a series of mazy stripes sloping backward and forward. Like mollies, platies like their water on the harder side with a high pH level. r/bettafish Hi! Before planning out what goes into their tank as their core diet or variation, make sure you know that striped Loaches dont chase food as actively as their tank mates. You should also always avoid freshwater species that threaten their harmony. If youre giving them a protein-rich diet, ensure they dont get overfed. However, other bettas wont tolerate intruders and are happiest kept alone. The main issue with guppies is that males are brightly colored, which can attract the attention of a feisty betta fish. The more Zebra Loaches there are, the better it gets for them to conduct social gatherings within their community tank. I would recommend not to breed them in a home aquarium unless you are sure that you wont stress out the fish. How many loaches should be kept together? Ramshorns roii Your email address will not be published. Otocinclus fish, aka Otos, are a small type of schooling catfish. As the name suggests, they have bristles that grow around their nose and mouth. Best Female Betta Tank Mates For 25 Gallons Or More, Best Schooling Betta Tank Mates For 25 Gallons Or More, Best Male Betta Tank Mates For 5-Gallon Tanks, Best Male Betta Tank Mates For 10-Gallon Tanks, Best Male Betta Tank Mates For Larger Tanks (20 Gallons Or More). You are using an out of date browser. Bettas are curious about everything in and surrounding their tank. Otherwise, there probably wont be enough food in the tank for them. Instead of going for expensive oxygen boosters, supplement their tank with live plants. Siamese fighting fish / Betta Paracheirodon sp. If your Pygmy cory cats swim at the top of your fish tank, its a sign that the tanks water quality is bad and that you should perform a water change. However, if you like them, you can keep them in a group of six or 10, so theyre safer. So far, Cories are the only type of fish species on this tank mate guide. It should be noted right from the start that we are not suggesting the Common pleco. They eat algae and are compatible with one Betta fish. Theres not too much information to offer on this subject. You also should pair them with peaceful fish species so everything goes smoothly. Bettas are fiercely territorial, aggressively chasing away any interlopers on their patch and sometimes fighting to the death. You just need to keep in mind what kind of personality your betta has. Due to uncertainty in their behavior after laying eggs, we cant really know how they would treat the fry. To minimize aggression, get peaceful bottom-dwellers tank mates for your Betta fish. The ideal temperature for Betta fish is 77-86 degrees Fahrenheit. According to IUCN, they are on the red list of endangered fish species1. Ich is another common disease that can attack your pet at any time. Also, remember that just because one of the species listed near the top is generally accepted in a betta fish community tank, it doesnt mean that your specific betta fish will get along fine with it. You can always rely on bloodworms, daphnia, brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, and earthworms. Can betta fish eat zebra Danios? Theyre not harmful to Betta fish, and Betta fish arent harmful to them. These scavenger fish are good tank mates for Betta fish, as long as theyre kept in a group of three or more. Peppered loaches, aka Guntea loach, can grow up to 6 inches and look a bit like freshwater eels. They have a grey or brown body, with black stripes or even spots. Tank of the Month, If you love fish-keeping, you're probably just as fascinated by the natural world as we are, so today we're going to dive into the weird and wonderful world of fish with big eyes! Though the chances of successfully getting a Zebra Loach to breed are tough, if you have been successful, separate the parents from the fry as soon as possible. Overall, if you were to have to choose between one of the two types of shrimp mentioned, Id recommend the Red Cherry shrimp as they are the more attractive option of the two. But we dont recommend you keep them in when theyre too big, as they could harm some of the community fish in the tank. They have all kinds of patterns and colors, so theyre a beautiful addition to your small Betta fish tank! Or you landed on here because you had no idea what they are? I don't know many loaches to be aggresive. These tiger loaches lay their eggs on leaf litter. That is not something you want your betta to experience! Wild male bettas choose a territory of around two to three square feet that they patrol daily, chasing away any rival males that try to encroach on their patch. Goldfish Ranchu Oranda Khuli Loach. The Zebra loach is an omnivore and will eat pretty much anything you offer, including tropical flakes, frozen and live meaty foods, tablets, and sinking pellets. You can either get the couple a separate breeding tank or breed them in a tank devoid of other fish species. Apart from understanding their preferred water parameters, ensuring stability is also essential. A frog might seem like a surprising tank mate for Betta fish, but African dwarf frogs are great tank mates for 10-gallon Betta tanks. It is possible to keep a Betta with a community of Make sure you get them a large tank to live freely and peacefully. Also known as a weather loach, dojo loaches make good tank mates for your goldfish, but if youre not willing to commit to a 75+ gallon goldfish tank they are not for you. So, the best thing you can do is provide them with plenty of hiding spots. So, your poor betta fish might not have glorious long finnage for long if you decide to go with platies as tank mates. Platy fish are peaceful livebearing fish related to Molly fish and Swordtails. Ghost shrimp, aka glass shrimp, can grow to two inches, and as their name indicates, you can see through them! It is either that betta fish are fast swimmers or that these frogs are on the slow side of the kiddie pool, but either way, the betta will be more likely to finish its food before the frog even finds its own. There are over 100 different types of Cories that you can choose from, but they all share something in common. Shrimp Species: Ghost Shrimp Bamboo Shrimp Cherry Shrimp 4. Glass catfish, aka ghost or even phantom cats, can take a while to adjust to a Betta fish tank as theyre shy. Knowing the diseases with symptoms and cures will help you get rid of these ailments. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The tail features stripes of pale mud-colored dots going along the length of it. They look even plumper during breeding practices. Panda cory cats are also good tank mates for your female Betta fish. Angelfish, gouramis, and bettas, for instance, have to be in water temperatures close to 80F. Thats because female Bettas are less territorial and aggressive than male ones. 100% Live Guarantee! Molly fish come in different sizes (they dont grow more than three inches) and colors. Common plecos can reach up to 2 feet long and are not recommended for obvious reasons. So, an angry betta fish cant do too much damage to an accidentally intruding pleco. Peaceful species like tetras and loaches do well with Zebra Loach. But if the loaches stay on the bottom/lower water and the tank is quite well planted, im sure the betta will be able to avoid the loach enough. I highly recommend that you experience Tiger barb ownership at least once in your life! Otherwise, these tetras can nip at other fishs fins. However, once they get comfortable, theyre fun to watch and make good companions for your Betta in a 30-gallon tank or more. I loved mine! It has to be smooth. However, make sure you keep a lid or hood on top of your Betta tank, as these snails like to hang at the top of the tank and sometimes climb out of it. These peaceful mollusks have body armor that keeps them safe from betta fish mood swings. Shrimp Species: Ghost Shrimp Bamboo Shrimp Cherry Shrimp 4. Like brett said. These stripes look deep blue or dark green with each band secured with a white line. These fish just require smooth, fine, or sandy gravel not to injure their whiskers. Tank maintenance holds as much value to their proper care as things like food and correctly gauged water parameters. Carnage would most likely occur if you were to keep a betta fish with a group of cichlids. This amazing freshwater fish enjoys well-oxygenated water. Glass Catfish. These fish will take after their other common name and act as Siamese fighting fish. On top of that, mollies are quite aggressive at times. As a novice aquarist who wants to experience the charms of fish keeping for extended periods of time, a Zebra Loach fits perfectly for this purpose. Thank you for sticking around until the end. WebThe Zebra Loach, or Botia striataby its Latin name, is a lovely little freshwater fish that hails from the slow moving streams and rivers of west India. We dont spam. They stay strong when it comes to putting up with water level shifting. Also, there are multiple compatible tank mates for Bettas. However, most fishkeepers tend to not want to own these fish because they think theyre hard to care for and that its impossible to find compatible Betta tank mates for them. Unlike their cousins Clown Loaches, Zebra Loaches remain small. Theyre good tank mates, ideal for big Betta tanks. Shrimp leave very little in terms of waste. So, the two species have totally different needs regarding water parameters, and theyre simply incompatible. Well. However, there have been no cases of successful breeding of this species in a home aquarium meaning that all This allows for ASD to promote items that are more effective to promote via Amazon versus selling on this site due to shipping costs, the vendor's choice to only carry through Amazon, or order minimums. But there are a few things you shouldnt miss out on learning. We recommend adding a group of five or seven in a 30-gallon tank or more. Please any advice. The biggest difference between these two fish is that hillstream loaches originate from Southeast Asia, while plecos are found throughout South America. These minnows are fast breeders, so you must keep an eye on the population. Here are some tankmates to avoid: Breeding Zebra Loaches without taking professional help is almost impossible even for advanced-level aquarium hobbyists. In contrast, betta fish like their environmentrelatively motionless as far as currents are concerned. Betta fish usually dont eat live plants. Basically, the two species simply dont mix. They never thrive living alone or in smaller groups. These are small fish that can go from half an inch to one inch. They are tropical aquarium fish species that live in water temperatures ranging from 73 F to 79 F. They have the same behavior as other Tetras fish to be a good addition to your Betta fish tank. These gold and black scavenger fish are peaceful. The type of tanks mates you then decide to get, and their amount depends on the size of the fish tank you have. The zebra loach (Botia striata) is a freshwater fish that originates from Southeast Asia. Alternatively, the male might show no interest in mating with the female, even attacking her to the point of serious injury or death. Theyre a kind of schooling fish that enjoy planted tanks. A well-running aquarium, some good community friends, perfectly set water parameters, and precautions to minimize the chances of falling prey to common fish diseases count as some of the most important things to their proper care. African Dwarf frogs can make fine friends with betta fish. So far the only known difference between a male Zebra Loach and a female Zebra Loach is the rounded body of the female. This is a nocturnal species, and they need lots of hiding spaces to spend their day. Rasboras are typically a more gentle fish in terms of peaceful living with a betta, and they dont tend to be fin nippers. There are so many options out there, as you can see below! In the wild, Zebra Loaches find comfort in caves and use plants and algae to fluctuate their diet. Bettas are carnivores. And considering their soft barbels, you have to be careful with decorating the lower aquarium area. They are schooling fish, meaning that they should be kept in groups of at least five individuals in order to remain healthy and happy. These are very popular among Betta sorority tanks. Their movements are fun to watch, and they wont bother your Betta fish, and your Bettas wont bother them. Unlike Clown Loaches that grow much larger and, with time, go dull, they remain the same in coloration. Misc Fish Species: White Cloud Minnows Otocinclus Glass Catfish Cherry Barbs African Dwarf Frog Marimo Moss Balls 2. These include Albino Cory, Panda, and Pygmy Catfish. Otos, however, are sometimes quite difficult to acclimate to the aquarium. Therefore in a home aquarium, the small size of Botia Striata helps you keep them in groups. You can add at least five of them to your Betta tank, as theyre either social or just hide away. Ensuring that the tank mate shares the same water conditions and parameters as your betta fish. First, unplug the fish tank filter. So if you ever wondered what fish can live with Bettas, youre in the right place. Corys are a particularly peaceful species of fish in general and these mini catfish should always be kept in groups of at least five individuals. Theyre good for planted tanks that are at least 25 gallons. These fish are shy and like to hide so that they wont be a problem for your Betta fish. If you find it hard to get the food down there, use sinking pellets. Required fields are marked *. Aquarium Store Depot earns a commission if you make a purchase. Just try to keep an eye out for your frog and ensure that it is getting fed. Also boasting a range of Fancy Goldfish Ramshorns roii Betta fish are beautiful with their vivid colors and dream-like fins. Their gorgeous fins adorn the aqua theme. One other fact about Balloon Molly fish is they are truly man-made and a result of selective breeding to have scoliosis. What kind of freshwater fish are these? Golden Zebra Loaches often snack on small shrimp and snails. WebZebra Loach - Botia striata A very active loach that grows to a max size of around 4". Zebra Loaches are famous for their social nature. These frogs can fit into any small crevices. They require foods high in animal protein. This tends to be the case more often than not because they are not commonly bred and raised in captivity. It has a long, cylindrical body with vertical black and white stripes running Those which appear around the tail look vertical in shape. Thats because theyre more active during the day than other loaches. In addition to the fins, the zebra loachs tail is also partially transparent. You can either add these scavenger fish to your Betta tank as one or in a group of three. You can keep up to five Albino cory cats in a Betta fish tank. The more you try to look away, the more you feel pulled in. As for body shape, they mold their bodies like a loach. Contests including the Tank of the Month, 13 Safe and Compatible Betta Fish Tank Mates. FishForums.net is one of the internet's oldest and premier Tropical Fish and Aquarium forums! The frogs usually hide under rocks during the daytime, and they like to float at the top of the fish tank during nighttime. The Zebra Loach is an excellent freshwater fish that is only really suitable for aquarists with experience as they have no scales and require pristine water conditions. Corydoras catfish or Corys are yet another fine tank-mate possibility. The rot began about 2 months ago, but hes finally showing signs of recovery! Albino cory cats are a species of Cory fish ideal for keeping in Betta tanks that are at least 30 gallons. You can find my reviews here. These amphibious tank mates dont tend to produce much waste. Betta fish need pretty much just the opposite of this. Canister filters are even more necessary in planted aquariums. Candy stripe plecos can only be kept in a 25-gallon Betta tank or more, and you should only keep one with your Betta fish, as these Plecos can get territorial. Yoyo loaches, aka Almora loaches, are colorful scavenger fish. Apple snails tend to come with beautiful colors and markings. It can be tempting to create a community aquarium and not leave your Betta fish in a tank alone. On top of their peaceful behavior and compatibility with Bettas, one of their advantages is that they eat the algae that form in the tank and other debris. For example, you might walk past a few times during the day, perhaps running your finger along the glass for your betta to follow. They are quite active and wi You can keep one or two with your Betta in a 5-gallon tank. Luckily, adults arent usually eaten. Betta fish dont care about whose food is whose and will tend to eat anything and everything edible. Like In their wild habitat, the Zebra Loach Botia stay active and explore their surroundings at a subdued pace. A Zebra Loach goes as big as 4 inches only. WebA Betta fish is one of the most popular freshwater species in the aquarium hobby. A general rule of thumb with these fish is that if you can keep your Otos alive for a week or two, they should settle in and do well thereafter. That entertainment can take the form of activity outside the bettas tank. Betta fish are intelligent, curious fish that can become stressed and miserable if not provided with plenty of entertainment in their environment. After this, all you can do is wait for the female to lay eggs. Cichlids like living in waters that have a high pH balance, whereas betta fish need to live in a low pH environment. He has worked on making aquarium and pond keeping approachable. One of the core reasons they are my absolute favorite is their small size. You need bottom-dwelling tank mates for your male Betta fish for larger Betta tanks. A reasonable section of aquarium plants you can introduce to their tank will grow with the help of lighting. Since theyre so small, they wont be a threat to your Betta fish. One thing to watch out for is that shrimp tend to enjoy breeding. Zebra loaches are omnivores and readily accept a wide range of foods. Its much easier to find suitable tank mates for your Betta fish if theyre females. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. While this is mostly true, a Zebra Loach is known to snack on fish with flowing fins. In my opinion, one gallon or two gallons or three gallons - is far too little space. The reticulated hillstream loach isnt a schooling fish, but these fish thrive when surrounded by their own species. WebCele mai comune dou specii din comerul acvariului sunt, Red Ramshorn i Planorbarius corneus, o specie mai mare cunoscut sub numele de Great Ramshorn. These guys are highly entertaining fish, but not in the same tank as a betta fish. I don't think they'd bother a betta, but those long fins & slow swimming can be tempting to otherwise peaceful fish. Ideally, a tank size of 30 gallons does well for a decent group of Zebra Loaches. If you are interested in starting a sorority of female betta fish, its not as easy as just grouping a bunch together. Each year, he continues to help his readers and clients with knowledge, professional builds, and troubleshooting. These small fish are popular in the aquarium trade due to their vibrant colors and peaceful nature. Feel free to choose tank mates from the list given below. Yoyo loach. Most aquarium fish originate from tropical regions and prefer to swim in temperatures around 24 to 27C (75 and 80F). [i] Zebra loaches have no special requirements on water conditions, they do however prefer a certain aquarium setup to be at their best. Clown Plecostomus are a dwarf species of Pleco fish. Cardinal tetras have the reverse coloring of neon tetras. Including weeding out toxins like ammonia and nitrite from the tank, dusting off decorations, trimming off plants, and regularly cleaning rocks and glass help establish a healthy lifestyle within the aquarium community. Keep in mind that many loach species are nocturnal, so you wont see much of them unless you have moonlight mood lighting in your bettas aquarium. Your email address will not be published. They have white spots on a black or brown body. Zebra Loaches love to move in slow-moving streams with a good range of vegetation. Zebra loaches are easy to care for, attractive fish that make a great choice for a beginners community tank. That said, these lively fish are intolerant of fluctuations in water conditions, so they need to be introduced to an established, well-maintained aquarium if they are to reach their long lifespan. Bigger is better. Especially for community tanks. We are starting here because these fish share the same characteristics as the White Cloud Mountain minnow. Generally, a Zebra Loach prefers staying with more Zebra Loaches. Avoiding any brightly colored fish and those with flowing finnage that could be mistaken for another betta fish by your pet. Usually, the common rule is to add at least one gallon of water for every inch of fish you want in a tank. Even though that is considerably smaller than the 2-foot pleco mentioned above, you wouldnt want more than just one pleco in a 10-gallon betta tank. Black neon tetra are friendly fish that you can keep in a group of 10 or more, along with your Betta fish. Make sure the parameters stay within the recommended range and dont sway from one side to the other. When you look at the natural habitat of a Zebra Loach, things like slightly acidic water, warm water temperature, and moderate water hardness are also pretty visible. There wont be problems with your Betta as long as you keep these Tetras in groups of 10 or more. Theyre not harmful to Betta fish, and Betta fish arent harmful to them. Their preferred diet in nature includes insects and insect larvae. The name; balloon Molly truly justifies the appearance of this fish as their bellies are round and swollen with arched backs and extended dorsal fins. Finally, fire rasboras do well in Betta sororities, but theyre too bright in color to keep with Betta males. They can easily live in groups in small species-specific or community tanks. They never thrive living alone or in smaller groups. Theyre not the easiest choice for beginners, but theyre beautiful with their yellow or orange stripes. The first step to try to breed them is to determine their sex. You should always house a group of 5 to 8 Zeba Loaches together.

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